Meet Letters From Mom

Letters from Mom

Letters From Mom (LFM) is a multi-genre music duo from Maryland. Members Roam (Stay Ugly) and Lalo are very passionate about their music.

 Letters From Mom brings a sound blend that should be easy to fall in love with. It’s a universal sound. Hence the name, the group said that their music can be viewed as encourage words from your mom.

LFM embraces #stayingugly because they believe being comfortable with your flaws is a beautiful thing. The message throughout their music is peace, positivity, and good vibes. This paired with Pop/Hip-Hop/ R&B duo makes for a diverse sound. From chill Rap songs like “Vibes” to dance-worthy pop songs like L.S.D.  

Hip-hop songs like “Moshpit” shows these guys can do it all.  LFM’s high energy performance matches the energy of their music.

The duo is currently performing just in time of festival season. Look to their socials for more. Their high energy lends itself to cutting-edge performances and visuals comparable to Cirque du Soleil and Missy Elliot.

“Vibes” and “Moshpit” are available on all streaming platforms. The duo is set to release an EP later this year. It’s said to give a rollercoaster of vibes, feels, and emotions. 

The project is rated “E” for everyone. A recent drop of the single “Cupid Creations” said to drop May 2022 promises all the lovey, groovy R&B sound. 

Roam and Lalo will continue to rise until they are done. They feel that if they stick together, there is no limit. 

They deliver innovation in all that they do and want to continuously give people something they can grow with and discover.

To stay connected with Letters from Mom, you can follow them on Instagram . Here they tease their lively performances.

 Their music is available on all streaming platforms. And remember to “stay ugly.”

Meet B-EZ

Photo by Bobby Z

B-EZ, the rapper, producer, entrepreneur, and MC of Staten Island, NY shines a light on the
world through his encouraging music. The rapper has opened up shows for hit artists from his home state of New York like Ashanti, Method Man, and Ja Rule. His voice and tone of his music are inspired by artists like J.Cole, Eminem, Nas, etc but he is creating his own flair that
motivates his fans to be themselves no matter the struggle.

B-EZ spoke with Ayanna Williams, a student journalist at Troy University, to chat about his
musical background, the meaning of B-EZ, and his latest singles.

Ayanna Williams: I’m aware that you’re very versatile. You’re a producer, entrepreneur, rapper, and you do it all. Did you grow up in a musical background and what inspired you to start creating music?
B-EZ: “So my father goes by the name of Optometrist, like an eye doctor and he was a
rapper from State Island. I remember growing up at four and five years old on stage with
him and I wasn’t rapping with him, but I was the guy holding up the merch and posters
of him. Seeing that crowd made me want that and because of my upbringing and seeing
the success and the downfalls my father faced, I’m like ok I want to do it my way and
that’s basically where I’m at right now.”
Ayanna Williams: How did you come up with your name?
B-EZ: “I’m an Aries and I have anger and I use to play football, so based on that, my
character and energy are always hyper and a lot of people would tell me to be easy or
calm down. I put that into the music and that’s the same type of thing. I tend to not
overdo it, but I try to go as high as I can with my music. I go above and beyond and I feel
like that encaptures my vibe ‘B-EZ’. He’s energetic, but at the same time, he’s about his
business. It also stands for ‘Ballistic Elimination Zone’. I came up with that when I was
Ayanna Williams: Tell us about your single “Just Like That” and what does it mean to you?
B-EZ: “The song itself was created by me, my cousin, and my friend. For that single, we
wanted that summertime vibe. We wanted it to be played anywhere. It does have curses
in it, but it’s still like a good vibe and everybody can relate to it. You can play it where
there are palm trees or you can play it when it’s raining outside. It’s a song that can
attract any audience.”
Ayanna Williams: Do you think you’ll expand into different genres?
B-EZ: “Oh yeah absolutely. My music is very versatile. I can go boom-bap, I can go trap,
and I can even try to do melody-type music as well, but versatility is my thing. I like to try different things as far as going to a different genre. Even with my production when I
produce, I produce a lot of beats that are just not catered to one genre – it’s catered to
many. I can make a song or beat for Kehlani or make a beat for Fivio Foreign. I wouldn’t
mind going into different genres with my music or trying to reach a different audience
with a sound that I never thought of before. I just want to grow as an artist overall.”

Stream B-EZ’s latest single “Never Fold” on all streaming platforms

Also on all social media platforms

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Who Is Kenny Boi?

Kenny Boi

Kenny Boi, a singer, songwriter, and rapper from Harlem, NY is representing the LGBTQ+ community with his trap and pop bops. Kenny Boi, formally known as Ken Hefner, rebranded himself to Kenny Boi. “Killa Kenzi” and “KBeezy” who are his trap and rap alter egos were created shortly after.

“Music is a forever experiment,” Kenny said.

He is influenced by Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake, but mostly Nicki Minaj and he named his fanbase “Kenzie”. He got the idea from Nicki Manaj because she calls her fans “Barbz” and he wanted to have that personal connection with his fanbase as well. 

“You can expect Kenny Boi to be doing a lot of things on this new album coming out,” Kenny Boi said. 

On the new album you can expect a mixture of hip-hop, pop, and r&b sounds that make you want to turn up in the club or gain confidence. Kenny Boi is balancing versatility and hip-hop while creating conversations in hip-hop that we have never seen before.  

From his stylish swag, unique flow, and confidence, everything about him is “LIT”

“You should never sound the same on any of your albums,” Kenny Boi said. “Just experiment,” the artist said.

His new album “Universal” will be release soon and you will be able to find it on all streaming platforms. 

Bella B Turns Poems Into Raps

Bella B Turns Poems Into Raps

Bella B a.k.a Juice

Hip hop artist Bella B, also known as Juice is creating a new space in the industry by turning her poem into raps. Bella B was born in the Bronx, but grew up on the East side of Harlem. She’s had the opportunity of working with artists like Moneybagz, Cana, and Dreamrichell. Her motivation is inspired by Lauren Hill, Remy Ma, Young MA, Jadakiss, and more.

“I was originally a poet and I was very deep into that and then it just turned into rap,” Bella B said. “I was always into rap, but I fell in love with it to the point where those poems turned right into raps and it was no looking back from then.”

Bella B wrote poems as a source of therapy and an outlet for the things she dealt with when she was younger. “The poems were personal,” Bella B said.

When she transitioned to rap, they weren’t as personal as the poems, but she tells her life stories within her raps. Her EP that was released on March 8, 2022 is titled “Juice” and she named it after her stage name. She also named it “Juice” because she wants to bring versatility.

“I’m giving you bars because I’m big on being a lyricist,” the rapper said.

Each song is different because she lives by versatility and she has something for everybody on the “Juice” EP.

“Everybody likes juice, so pick your flavor,” Bella B said. “What kind of juice you want?”

Bella B has been in this industry for three years and she plans to continue her dreams of being a poet and rapper. She wants her fans to be entertained and for those who can relate to her, to be touched by her rhymes.

“Juice” can be streamed on all streaming platforms

and she can be found on Instagram:

Meet Sounds From The Attic

SOFTA stands for Sounds From The Attic and that’s exactly where OnetakeCarter & Whatisiv started making music in the studio they built together. Sounds From The Attic is a multi-talented rap group, bridges old school hip hop and new wave sound. Their juxtaposition in tone and cadence is attention grabbing and genre-bending with international potential and consumability. They are incredible MCs’ with multi-layered lyrics and the ability to deliver them with a Busta Rhymes concise speed or Drake style sauve. 

Learn more on the duo below.

V-HENNY: What and who inspired you both to pursue music?  

SOFTA: “While we pull inspiration from a lot of similar places, we definitely have our own motivations for pursuing music.”

IV: “My passion for music started from a young age. Growing up, I got to see my dad have a career in the industry as a singer so the idea of music and pursuing it seriously seemed natural.”OnetakeCarter: “I found inspiration through hip hop legends. Big L’s music sparked my interest in rhyming/poetry. In 2011 I had a life changing moment of meeting Kendrick Lamar & A$AP Rocky at the Irving Plaza and ever since then I’ve pursued a career in hip hop.

V-HENNY: What were some of the steps you had to take within your career?

SOFTA: “Some of the steps we’ve taken in our careers so far also act as the best advice we could give artists. We learn every skill that we can and we rarely ever say no to opportunities. Both of us have learned how to record ourselves, make beats, film videos and edit them. We really believe that the more we can do independently the further we can take this on our own timeline. We don’t have to outsource a lot so we can turn our ideas around quickly.” 

OnetakeCarter: “I’ve been building my brand for years and through that I’ve learned photography, marketing, and even the art of audio engineering to help other artists record.” IV: “I learned how to build a studio and put one in my attic and that’s now where our sounds come from hence the name Sounds From The Attic. Without that studio there may be no SOFTA” 

V-HENNY: Looking back then to where you’re at now, give me a moment that made an impact within your career?

SOFTA: “Since we are just starting off we do hope to have many more impactful moments but the biggest we’ve experienced so far is watching KennyBeats stream our song “Tulips & Roses” and not only loving it but also receiving a text midstream from Scott Vener that he shazamed our track. It was an encouraging moment to see our talent be enjoyed by such notable industry heads.”

IV: “Our performance at Fight Klub Studios was a huge moment for me. It was one of our first ones so we were still gauging if we could attract a fan base. That night the crowd went wild and started singing our chorus’s even though it was the first time they heard our music. It just felt like wow, alright we’re here and really meant to do this. OnetakeCarter:“My time on Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow was also super impactful on my mindset. I realized that this industry is a game and you have to play to win and I try to bring that knowledge to SO.FTA”

V-HENNY: In order to succeed in life you have to know how to give credit and give back. Who would you give credit to for your success thus far?

SOFTA: “In the short amount of time we’ve been on the scene together as SO.FTA we’ve received a lot of love. Mike Loco from MLM entertainment loved our sound and invited us to certain events that allowed us to connect with producers like Dilemma & Big Yount from the C.R.E.W. and Mitch Mula. All 3 of them showed love even though we didn’t have the biggest following yet and we got to make some great music with them. Recently, B Howard  invited us out to Arizona to work and introduced us to some heavy hitters in the industry. V-Henny herself! We’ve performed at her shows before and now we have this interview. We appreciate anyone that shows us support and tells others about us.”

IV: “I truly couldn’t be here without my family’s support, especially my mom’s, dad’s and aunt’s. Carter has also played a huge role. He was the first person I ever recorded with and he taught me a bunch about music and even encouraged me to build myself that studio. I also give myself credit which is important to keep me going. I was a really quiet, introverted kid and now I make music and share my thoughts with everyone.” OnetakeCarter: “I have to give credit to some of my mentors BMC Beats, Anthony Petrucci, Jason Melker, my manager Kristina Mazzola, and my family.”

V-HENNY: Has it been a smooth road for you both as artists? Elaborate on a struggle you are most proud of overcoming.

SOFTA: “No this has not been an easy journey so far but this industry rarely ever is. We have repeatedly gone to showcases or competitions that end up being rigged. We’ve seen the same repetitive sound being sought after and feel like there is no room in NY for “different” right now. We are a little left of center so we have to pave our own path which can be tough. We are proud of our resilience though and commitment to our unique sound and brand even though we’ve been robbed or overlooked several times.”

OnetakeCarter: “I’m also really proud that I’ve learned to overcome self-doubt and take certain L’s with grace and turn them into motivators. You learn that you have to believe in yourself no matter what.”IV: “I love that we’ve turned our stress of being independent and fully funding this ourselves into a reason why we should learn to wear several different hats. We both do as much as we can on our own which can get hectic but it at least reduces costs here and there.”

V-HENNY:  If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

SOFTA: “That’s a loaded question but simply put we’d flip the industry upside down. Right now follower counts or going viral means everything but we’d love to see real underground talent prosper instead of clout and image. We want to see a variety of music and not just the same sound mainstream outlets are pushing.”

V-HENNY:  Please share with us the content behind your music? 

SOFTA: “The content of our music varies song to song but anytime we create we stay true to ourselves and have fun with it which is usually the formula for great records. We create from real life experiences so some of our tracks make our listeners vibe out and escape any hardships they’re facing while other tracks make listeners feel understood or not alone. We touch on topics like believing in yourself, falling in love, partying, financial struggles, mental struggles, even moral reflections like are you doing the right thing?, or Are you on the right path?. We have a song for everyone and anything.”

V-HENNY: What is one message you would give to your fans? 

SOFTA: “Piggy backing off what we said before, learn about your craft in every way you can and seize all opportunities.”

IV: “Experiment in life. You never want to look back and think “What If?”. Try everything you can and want, especially in your 20’s. Leave no leaf unturned so you have no regrets.” OnetakeCarter: “Treat your ideas like emergencies.”

V-HENNY: I know you both were individual artists, however you both recently decide to join forces and become a duo. Explain that process and how did you both decide to come together. 

SOFTA: “We came together really serendipitously. “

OnetakeCarter: “IV mentioned earlier that I was the first person he recorded with and that’s how we met a few years ago. We started working on music together for a year and then I moved to ATL for 7 months. ”IV: “And before he left he told me I should build my own studio so I can record on my own. So I did just that and built a studio in my garage attic.”OnetakeCarter: “I came back from ATL and IV had this dope set up in his attic.”SOFTA: “We started to link all the time and regularly record and felt that independently we are dope but together it’s a whole other level and sound. The rest is history. Now we Sounds From The Attic.”

V-HENNY: Is there anything else you would like the world to know about you?

SOFTA: “We are writing our own story right now and the best parts are yet to happen.”

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Meet Count

Count Yonkers NYC

A Yonker’s native, this Hip Hop artist is willing to prove himself and the world the passionate behind his craft. Count determination is allowing him to step out of his comfort zone as he remains focus turning this dream into a reality. Meet Count-Yonkers as we learn more on the Hip Hop artist getting interview by V-Henny.

V-Henny: Who and What inspired you to make music?

Count: My Mom and dad , as I was listening to them play a lot of 80’s old school R&B classics . Just liking the beats and lyrics . The passion the legends had. Putting their all into their craft. 

V-Henny: Please share with us the content behind your latest project “Pat and Walter’s son”?

Count: Well my mom and dad’s name , something I’ve been pondering since 2008 , but finally when the covid hit,  I wrote a lot of rhymes about my life , got the right cover for it , an old pic of  me , mom and dad and released the 8 song album on my Mother’s bday July 12, 2021. 

V-Henny: How long have you had this creative vision and what pushes you to
be consistent ?

Count: I’ve had the vision of rapping since 1996 while jotting down lyrics to paper while on my terrace of 300 palisade in Yonkers, NY. I even ordered a rhyme book to study syllables and rhyme patterns.  I wasn’t consistent for awhile but I said it’s time to go hard or go home now  so I’ll be dropping a lot soon and staying with it. 

V-Henny: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Count: Nas and Jay-z.

V-Henny: Do you feel like you have overcome any boundaries you have set for
yourself? What were they and how did you conquer them?

Count: Yes I have set boundaries to be professional at all times, and to do what I say and say what I mean. I feel like , I learned to not limit myself to a style of music that doesn’t fit me like everyone else is doing . Like today to me everyone sounds the same and sometimes different is better. 

V-Henny: When did you come to realize how important it is to understand the business aspect of music? 

Count: After leaving the booth one session a long time ago , and a producer I met in NYC told me that my team and I had good lyrics but no one would ever hear us or take us serious until our songs were mixed down properly. I knew then it was more to the music than just the rapping in the booth aspect. 

V-Henny:  In order to succeed in life you have to know how to give credit and give back . Who would you give credit to for your success thus far?

Count: Basically myself for persevering and sticking with it . Basically Know one believes I can do this . There have been people along the journey, that have given me studio time and a chance but only I have put the writing in and stayed with the process. No one will care and  be happier for me then me. 

V-Henny: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Count: To let the real in. Give a shot to some unknown artist . There’s a lot of talented people out here , doing this for the love , that need a chance to show the world they can do big things under the right machine. 

V-Henny: What’s one thing you would want your fans to know about you?

Count: That I’m accessible and available.  I’m for the people, ready to expand my brand by staying in my own lane . I want to give them something different , real rap about real life things that are out here occurring today. That we can all be real, just being ourselves and that be good enough. Stay prayed up and you can achieve anything. 

V-Henny: What’s next for you?

Count: Pat and Walter’s son 2 May 1st . My dad’s birthday. Rip to my dad

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Meet Pyro Da Arsonist

Pyro Da Arsonist

Pyro (Efrain Velazquez III) born in the Chelsea area of New York City, of Puerto Rican descent had the pleasure of discovering the roots hip hop at an early age. Instantly, falling in love was an understatement, what became a hobby transformed into a career. As time progressed, Pyro pushed himself to constantly step out the box leaving room for growth. Wearing many hats, from Hip Hop artist to radio personality has led him to have many opportunities including having his own Radio show ” The Vibe Lounge” on DTF Radio. Pyro is determined, focused and excited towards the future as he continue to climb the ladder to get to the top.

The Artistry had the privilege of sitting down with Pyro Da Arsonist, interview him as we learned more of his journey.

V-Henny:  What and who inspired you to pursue the music industry?

Pyro Da Arsonist: Music has always been a big part of my life since young. My mom used to go out dancing a lot with her friends so while she was getting ready I would hear a lot of DooWop and Disco music and whenever I was with my father I would hear a lot of Rock, Freestyle and R&B Funk music. By the time I was 11 years old I started listening to a lot of hip hop like Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, EPMD & Eric B. & Rakim just to name a few. Music just hooked me from the beginning.

V-Henny: What were some of the steps you had to take to get to within your career?

Pyro Da Arsonist: Honestly one of the biggest steps which I’m still taking til this day is learning to be more confident, less timid & to stop doubting myself. 

V-Henny: Knowing that you started off as an Hip Hop artist to then transition into a radio personality, was that an easy transition to make? 

Pyro Da Arsonist: Yes and no. Yes because I love music so I’m always looking forward to hearing someone new or someone different and I think I have a pretty good ear for music. No because I had no idea how to conduct an interview as far as what questions to ask and how in depth to go with those questions.

V-Henny: Looking back then to where you’re at now, give me a moment that made an impact within your career. 

Pyro Da Arsonist: I would have to say performing at SOB’s. That crowd was amazing and they showed me so much love and they were really into my music. I definitely left that stage with a little bit more confidence.

V-Henny:  In order to succeed in life you have to know how to give credit and give back . Who would you give credit to for your success thus far?

Pyro Da Arsonist: First would be my family, especially my wife and daughter who push me to believe in myself and what I’m capable of. As far as music that goes to A.D. The General (R.I.P) & Ms. Fefe, they were the first ones to play my music on radio and got the ball rolling. Radio wise I would give that to The Choice of NYC and Jeshaze. They are the ones who let me join their show Lyrically Live with absolutely no radio experience. I sat back and watched and learned from them. Lastly when it comes to writing blogs that goes to you Vee. Your confidence and trust in me pushes me to be a better writer. I appreciate and love you guys!

V-Henny: Has it been a smooth road for you as an influencer? Elaborate on a struggle you are most proud of overcoming.

Pyro Da Arsonist: It’s funny because I don’t feel like I’m an influencer, I’m just a lover of talent and I love helping people show that talent to the world any way I can. As far as a struggle I’m proud of overcoming is not caring what people think or say about me. I’ve learned to just ignore it.

V-Henny: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Pyro Da Arsonist: I would love to see the industry more supportive of each other. There is enough opportunities for everyone to win. Let’s build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

V-Henny:  Please share with us the content behind your new show “The Vibe Lounge”

Pyro Da Arsonist: It’s about a vibe!!! I want every guest that walks through that door to leave with a great and memorable experience. It’s not just about Hip Hop and R&B either, you will hear all kinds of genre of music and will see many different talents on the show. Artists, Authors, Clothing Designers, Actors, Activists or any other entrepreneurs are welcome to come on the show. 

V-Henny: What is one message you would give to your fans? 

Pyro Da Arsonist: I would say thank you for the love and support. It pushes me to go harder and not give up. I truly appreciate and love you all. 

V-Henny: Is there anything else you would like the world to know about you?

Pyro Da Arsonist: I’m always willing to help in any way possible if I can. So don’t be afraid to reach out. 

Make sure to follow Pyro Da Arsonist on all platform.

Meet Luisa Maria

Born as a Bronx Native, fearless with a big voice and an even bigger personality, Maria understood that to be great you have to do great. Overcoming obstacle as she continue to grow her brand is the definition of a true go getta . Maria is a bright star working hard, proving the world that she has what it takes to be a Model & entrepreneur that she is destine to be. She is not stopping nor does she intends to as she turns this dream of hers into a realty.

Meet Luisa Maria as she speaks with V-Henny about her journey.

V-Henny: Who inspired you ? 
Luisa Maria: Growing up with women who looked like me in my family made me proud, also Ashley Graham 
V-Henny: What were some of the steps you had to take to get to within your career?
Luisa Maria: I had to practice poses and face expressions, and get a good portfolio shots every few months as my look changed. I had to submit these photos to agency’s hoping they would get back to me. 
V-Henny: What is the best advice you’ve been given?
Luisa Maria: To invest in myself even if it feels like nothing is changing. 
V-Henny: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Luisa Maria: I would change the way we get paid months after doing a photo shoot. I don’t think that’s fair. V-Henny: What is one message you would give to your fans? 
Luisa Maria: To never ever give up. But to also not put your self worth into what gigs you get or what jobs you’re waiting to hear back from. 

V-Henny: Looking back then to where you’re at now, give me a moment that made an impact within your modeling career.
Luisa Maria: In 2020 I was on the verge of quitting modeling because I’ve been trying to get signed to any agency for 5 years. But I told myself let me just do one more portfolio shoot and try one one more time. 2 week after I did that I was signed! 
V-Henny: How long have you had this creative vision and what pushes you to
be consistent ?
Luisa Maria: I didn’t believe in the 9-5 work life that society has ingrained into our heads. I’ve always been creative weather it was singing, acting or writing I knew working at a desk job will never bring me true joy. 
V-Henny: In order to succeed in life you have to know how to give credit and 
give back . Who would you give credit to for your success thus far? 
Luisa Maria: I would give credit to my family who always believed in me even if they didn’t understand my vision. And to my amazing agent. 
V-Henny: Has it been a smooth road for you as a creative/model? Elaborate on a struggle you are most proud of overcoming.
Luisa Maria: It hasn’t been smooth because as empowering of a women I am to be plus size and owning it, I still struggle with body image. I’ve learned to accept myself at whatever stage I am in life and be graceful and patient to myself. 
V-Henny: What’s next?
Luisa Maria: To keep modeling while taking more care of my Health in all aspects, I would like to get more into acting and singing as those are my roots. And to do more glam shoots instead of mostly lifestyle and fitness jobs I’m getting now. 

You can follow Luisa Maria on Instagram and her work listed below.