V-Henny (Vee Henny)

As one’s love for music grows, so does their desire to branch out and and learn various departments of the entertainment industry. It is during these times when an individual grows beyond their initial plans and finds their niche and purpose within the evolving music business.

The Artistry Entertainment, LLC, founded by V-Henny, has been a go-to platform for independent and mainstream artists since 2015. Initially finding a position at a radio station, Vee yearned to develop her own foundation in which would assist creatives globally. Forming her website www.TheArtistry.live and the company’s YouTube channel were two key components in which catapulted her success. During this digital age, Vee learned quickly that consistent content and networking via social media were imperative to the life of The Artistry. Viewers can find V-Henny’s podcast “The Artistry” on platforms such as YouTube, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Google, to name a few. In 2018 V-Henny launched a comedy series titled, “Oh, You Got Jokes!?!”, adding depth to her platform and eclecticism to her name.

It is known that face to face contact with industry professionals, artists, and supporters are imperative to one’s business. V-Henny, considered a pioneer in the independent music scene, has curated shows at major venues such as SOB’s, Bowery Electric, and The West End Lounge. She has also given artists opportunities to bless stages at SXSW festival and The A3C Conference. Traveling to Paris and Canada to plan and host shows has also enhanced V- Henny’s credibility, experience, and fan base.

“The Artistry Experience Tour” is a tour created by V-Henny executing travel to over 25 cities with intent to shine light on independent artists as they market and promote their brands to a variety of audiences. The Artistry has blossomed due to its unique and genuine approach to opening doors for thriving and hard working creatives worldwide. The Artistry is more than just a podcast; more than just another platform. As music and art seep through creators’ veins, it pours into The Artistry allowing the company to feel every emotion and see every detail as conveyed by the creator themselves.

V-Henny, although humble and passionate, is a knowledgeable and business oriented asset to the entertainment industry. Bringing big names to events such as Coi Leray, Capella Grey, Mysonne The General, Phresher, Fred The Godson, K Goddess, to name a few, makes it clear to onlookers that V-Henny is diverse and more than capable of attaining artists on either side of the spectrum. The Artistry packs houses and embeds memorable experiences in each person’s mind as they exit the building at the end of the night.

Interview credits of V-Henny include, Greg Kading (lead detective on the Biggie and Tupac case), Chris Rivers, Amadeus (Super producer and musician), Ian Paola (from “Power” and “Orange is the New Black”), Swiftly McVay (D12), Hip Hop Recording artist Lola Brooke, Content Creator/ Entertainers Chicklet & Maleni, Cortez (battle rapper), Rell Carter (Rocnation), Ash Cash (author and financial motivator), Mikey Polo, The Silent Celeb (Netflix “The Circle”), Tommy 5k (comedian), Hip Hop Mike, Torae, and Phresher (artist and “Love and Hip Hop), to name a few.

The Artistry has also held successful panels, providing knowledge pertaining to music, business, and entrepreneurship to its audiences. Luring in creatives whom seek education and guidance was the goal of The Artistry. Therefore, inviting music executives to these events added exceptional value to the occasion such as Racko Rathon, Ty Sanders, Dre Howard, and Bert Morin.

While events, panels, festivals, and the podcast are all building blocks to The Artistry, V-Henny strives to help her community. Holding an annual Christmas charity event, has allowed Vee to give back to those in need, raising and donating money to assist them during the holiday season.

The Artistry is the perfect blueprint for those looking to develop their own platform. This company was built on the back of Vee Henny, as she put in the leg work, time, and sacrifice to ensure the company’s success. As time goes on, Vee Henny continues to add accolades to her resume, further enhancing the reputation of The Artistry. Be sure to subscribe to The Artistry on YouTube, navigate through the website, and pay close attention to what Vee Henny has in store for her company and supporters.