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Music has always been an influence when it comes to the ways of Zoe’s culture. Growing up in Brooklyn, his admiration for those such as Jay-z, Biggie and Busta Rhymes , inspired him to believe in himself and his dreams. What started off in 2018, listening to a beat, harmonizing and putting words together lead him to fall in love with the process of Rhythm and Poetry, also known as Rap. Understanding the process and learning the industry, Zoe is determine to show the world he got what it takes to succeed. With passion and determination, he’s going to reciprocate the energy and inspired others through his journey.

Get to know Zoe Forte below in this interview with V-Henny.

V-Henny: What was your first experience with music?

Zoe Forte: My first experience with music was honestly a joke lol, I was 16 years old in HS and a lot of my friends were making music. Everyone was making it look so east and there was a lot of garbage out at the time so I’m like “yo I can do that!” An old friend of mine had a laptop with the software to make music and some 10$ gummy headphones and I ft. On my first track ever. It took me all day to write my 16 lol

V-Henny: What motivates you to create?

Zoe Forte: Life experiences to keep it simple. A lot of what I write about is something I experienced personally or saw mixed with the vibe or feeling I get from the open beat.

V-Henny: What song was the most difficult for you to write? ‘My Life’ although I speak on my life experiences I feel like I got the most venerable speaking on my traumas and tuff relationship with my parents for the first time creatively. 

Zoe Forte: Have you ever felt discouraged by the industry and if so how did you overcome the thought/feeling? Yea all the time I feel like lol, really you just have to stay confident in what you do. Understand that as a creator everything isn’t always going to just blow up instantly. A lot of the time you have to do the ground work that isn’t often praised but very necessary.

V-Henny: What is your songwriting process like?

Zoe Forte: For starters the hardest and longest process is finding a good beat. from there it honestly depends on the vibe & energy I get from it. Sometimes I can hear a beat and just go off straight bars figure the hook out later. Sometimes I get a beat and I put an extreme amount of thought into every detail; do I want to start with a hook or should I go straight in? should I intro the song? Do I have a subject?how should I approach it? Etc. 

V-Henny: Tell me about your techniques for overcoming creative blocks.  

Zoe Forte: Don’t panic! Put your phone or pencil down and take a smoke break or something. Seriously lol, you don’t have to rush yourself 15-20 break can definitely get your creative juice flowing again. Just don’t stress yourself thinking your stuck.

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V-Henny: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Zoe Forte: Hmmmm.. If it wasn’t for music I’d be the same person forreal just a lot less popular… probably lol 

V-Henny: How do you define success as an artist?

Zoe Forte: Success for me is financial freedom. If I can take my family out the hood and provide my team with jobs that will forever change their lives. Anything after that is a plus.

V-Henny: What were some of the steps you had to take to get to where you’re at in your career?

Zoe Forte: ”If you ain’t got no mun-yun, ya Done-yun“ in other words INVEST IN YOURSELF. Not only getting fly or shooting videos… pay for promo, get out of your city, do shows, network, and brand yourself! You can’t do none of that without cash.

V-Henny: Can you tell us a challenge you had to overcome in which you are most proud of yourself?

Zoe Forte: My biggest challenge was learning the music game. I wasn’t fortunate to have someone help me develop my skills or a manager to show me right from wrong. I just hoped in and handled business. I lost a lot of money, a few friends , I been scammed, all the above.. but I’m still here! And I’m still learning 

V-Henny: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Zoe Forte: If you believe in yourself so much that you can literally feel and visualize your goals in success… no matter what anyone says… NEVER GIVE UP.

V-Henny: What’s next for you?

Zoe Forte: More music , more visual, more fashion, we getting bigger and better just stay tuned .

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