Who Is Kenny Boi?

Kenny Boi

Kenny Boi, a singer, songwriter, and rapper from Harlem, NY is representing the LGBTQ+ community with his trap and pop bops. Kenny Boi, formally known as Ken Hefner, rebranded himself to Kenny Boi. “Killa Kenzi” and “KBeezy” who are his trap and rap alter egos were created shortly after.

“Music is a forever experiment,” Kenny said.

He is influenced by Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake, but mostly Nicki Minaj and he named his fanbase “Kenzie”. He got the idea from Nicki Manaj because she calls her fans “Barbz” and he wanted to have that personal connection with his fanbase as well. 

“You can expect Kenny Boi to be doing a lot of things on this new album coming out,” Kenny Boi said. 

On the new album you can expect a mixture of hip-hop, pop, and r&b sounds that make you want to turn up in the club or gain confidence. Kenny Boi is balancing versatility and hip-hop while creating conversations in hip-hop that we have never seen before.  

From his stylish swag, unique flow, and confidence, everything about him is “LIT”

“You should never sound the same on any of your albums,” Kenny Boi said. “Just experiment,” the artist said.

His new album “Universal” will be release soon and you will be able to find it on all streaming platforms. 

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