The Artistry Show: Ep 119 | V-Henny x November | Toast to Growth

Sunday at 6pm | Unpluged with your host #VHenny.

Today catch V-Henny speaking with November about his growth within his music career. They speak on his improvements, his input on constructive criticism, and the growth within Hip Hop. November speaks on releasing an EP around September 11 and what’s next to come.

Catch November Performing an unreleased track from his up and coming EP

“Look what you made me “.

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The Indie Playlist Music Video’s

1. November – Money Mind State

2. DChamberz “G5 Flyin’

3. K Goddess – FRIENDS

4. Mikey Polo – Emo Girl

5. BAnkha – Bad Bitch

6. Brooke Lynne – Keep Flippin’

7. Clay James – Southern Playa S*** (feat A Pimp Name Sweet Tooth)

8. Josh DWH – Saving Your Soul

9. Lanii Lyrīk – YKTV Ft Slim Jackson

10. The Real Simba – PhoneLine.

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