The Artistry show: Ep 117 with V-Henny x Big Bert x The Real Simba

Sunday at 6pm | Unplugged with your host V-Henny.

Today we have a surprise visit by Big Bert, having a nostalgic episode.

Both Bert and V-Henny Speak Cancel Culture vs. Free Thinkers. How they are both not synonymous. Jade, V-Henny, and Big Bert also discuss Gen Z and the millennials, the break down of each generation. They Discuss Nick Cannon anti-semitic comments and the aftermath. Mysonne stating how Lil Baby is the new Tupac of this generation.

V-henny also unplugs with The Real Simba Sit and watch how Simba discuss his process from being born in Jamaica and end up moving to the united states ( Mount Vernon NY) at the age of 7. Overcoming distractio by allowing music to be his gateway. Simba speaks on his writing process and his growth.

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