The Artistry Show: Ep 123 | V-Henny x Special Guest Kertasy x Faulty UNcommon | WAP Stands for

Sunday | 6PM | Vibe out with V-Henny as she speaks on Cardi B latest single WAP featuring Megan Thee Stallon | What she thinks about the video. V-Henny also speaks on Beyonce latest visual album Black is KING and its hidden messages within spirituality. Later through out the show with a full house full of artist V-Henny sits with Faulty UNcommon speaking on the group lifestyle and music and Hip Hop entertainer, the dark skin man with the foreva tan, NJ’s own #Kertasy. Vee and Kertasy speak on his latest album “The Collage”, get into his process from over coming a break as working on the album. They speak on there experience on Tour. Watch Kertasy perform his latest single Tik Tok Shake.

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The Indie Playlist

K Goddess – Friends

JayR Dion – Sleep for what

Yung Rex x Corey Finesse – Low Key

Faulty UNcommon – ’60’s Story

Flip Hendrix – Biggie

Melaner – Soltera

LC – Two eyes

Kertasy – You see me

Kertasy – Tik Tik Shake