Who are The Joint Cheefs

Originated From the birth place of Hip Hop and staying true to their essence, we introduce to you  a rap group paving the way to their 420 centric cultivation by the name of The Joint Cheefs. GeoTheRican, Sonny Blue Note, and Loudpack Ralph have a desire to make feel good music to get high to. They are a  multi-faceted group of men that wear many hats within the music industry. From running a recording studio called BlueNotesStuBX, Sonny and Geo developed a notable reputation on their craft  professionally as producers and engineers. Originally, Geo had no thoughts of becoming apart of the rap game. He was inspired by one particular artist by the name of Kiing Sky.  Geo admired his determination and  goal driven approach towards succeeding as a music artist. He was motivated to build the confidence to pick up the mic and stay true to himself on every record. Eventually, everything else just fell into place. Geo had a strong desire to make more music and with the help of Sonny and Ralph, The Joint Cheefs was created. Indica or Sativa as their first single off of their Pay Highmage album, a smooth high energy experience, leaving you organically urging to hear more of their creativity. These innovators gained respect within the hip hop culture and stayed true to the canna community. The Joint Cheefs have a strategic marketing skill where they give away goodies bags with 420 centric merchandise leaving their fans satisfied. They have recently performed for  The Art of Muzic, iStandard and are currently working on their next project called Never Canoe. Their goal is continue to  make feel good music, provide quality merchandise, and ultimately having a successful career where they can tour around the globe and spread great music. 


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The Artistry “Streets Edition” with Kony Brooks

V-Henny Speaks with Kony Brooks in the new series of The Artistry “The Streets Edition”. Kony speaks about what he does for the Hip Hop culture by be an uplifting lyricist , running an after school program educating those that didn’t have the opportunity to be educated within the music culture. He explains the difference between a lyricist and an Hip Hop artist that can compose a song. He talks about his interest and watching the scene with battle rap and maintaining a raw aggressive nature to keep his craft alive. Watch more of Kony Brooks.

Shot and Produced by V- Henny CEO/Founder of InTheArts Media, The Artistry and The Art of Muzic

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