Meet B-EZ

Photo by Bobby Z

B-EZ, the rapper, producer, entrepreneur, and MC of Staten Island, NY shines a light on the
world through his encouraging music. The rapper has opened up shows for hit artists from his home state of New York like Ashanti, Method Man, and Ja Rule. His voice and tone of his music are inspired by artists like J.Cole, Eminem, Nas, etc but he is creating his own flair that
motivates his fans to be themselves no matter the struggle.

B-EZ spoke with Ayanna Williams, a student journalist at Troy University, to chat about his
musical background, the meaning of B-EZ, and his latest singles.

Ayanna Williams: I’m aware that you’re very versatile. You’re a producer, entrepreneur, rapper, and you do it all. Did you grow up in a musical background and what inspired you to start creating music?
B-EZ: “So my father goes by the name of Optometrist, like an eye doctor and he was a
rapper from State Island. I remember growing up at four and five years old on stage with
him and I wasn’t rapping with him, but I was the guy holding up the merch and posters
of him. Seeing that crowd made me want that and because of my upbringing and seeing
the success and the downfalls my father faced, I’m like ok I want to do it my way and
that’s basically where I’m at right now.”
Ayanna Williams: How did you come up with your name?
B-EZ: “I’m an Aries and I have anger and I use to play football, so based on that, my
character and energy are always hyper and a lot of people would tell me to be easy or
calm down. I put that into the music and that’s the same type of thing. I tend to not
overdo it, but I try to go as high as I can with my music. I go above and beyond and I feel
like that encaptures my vibe ‘B-EZ’. He’s energetic, but at the same time, he’s about his
business. It also stands for ‘Ballistic Elimination Zone’. I came up with that when I was
Ayanna Williams: Tell us about your single “Just Like That” and what does it mean to you?
B-EZ: “The song itself was created by me, my cousin, and my friend. For that single, we
wanted that summertime vibe. We wanted it to be played anywhere. It does have curses
in it, but it’s still like a good vibe and everybody can relate to it. You can play it where
there are palm trees or you can play it when it’s raining outside. It’s a song that can
attract any audience.”
Ayanna Williams: Do you think you’ll expand into different genres?
B-EZ: “Oh yeah absolutely. My music is very versatile. I can go boom-bap, I can go trap,
and I can even try to do melody-type music as well, but versatility is my thing. I like to try different things as far as going to a different genre. Even with my production when I
produce, I produce a lot of beats that are just not catered to one genre – it’s catered to
many. I can make a song or beat for Kehlani or make a beat for Fivio Foreign. I wouldn’t
mind going into different genres with my music or trying to reach a different audience
with a sound that I never thought of before. I just want to grow as an artist overall.”

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Migs718 Releases New Single “Yetii”

Written by: Julz Mancini

“Smooth. 3am she wanna grove. Said arch ya back, she approve. Dinero, watch how I move. Rolling the whip when I cruise. Lose, dam that’s all that you do. She know I’m better than you. And you know I like the view.”

We live in an era where people are more interested in visuals than anything. When artists post a video, whether music related or just to talk to their fans, viewers feel more inclined to engage with the artist. Engagement, being a primary component in developing super fans, grasps the attention of followers intriguing them to look further into the artist. YouTube has become a super colossal outlet for music artists to share their content with the world. With the right combination of videographers, directors, cast, and music, artists will begin to see a ripple effect of support from viewers. Migs718 is an artist whom has acquired this perfect combination allowing his fans to witness his amazing energy, talent, and creativity come to life.

Recently releasing his single, “Yetii”, Migs718 blessed his viewers with a great story line, edgy angles, and a strong camera presence. The video for “Yetii” is unlike many of the music videos shared on the internet today. From beginning to end Migs718 matches his lyrics to the plot within the video. Having the ability to follow the story throughout its duration paves the way for Migs718 to stand out in an industry where cars, money, and pretty women supersede the importance of creating a movie.

From the start, Migs718 experiences an interaction with a woman whom has a boyfriend. Their interest in one another ignites the tone for the rest of the video. As the woman of interest dances by his side, Migs718 makes it clear that she is his for the taking. Also showing love and support, is a group of energetic individuals who show off their dancing skills to Migs718’s catchy lyrics. With “Yetii” being released just four days ago, Migs718’s views are quickly increasing. Having over four thousand views, it is clear that this single has made an impact on his audience leaving them eager for his next project.

It is no surprise that Migs718 has obtained a loyal fan-base. With his eclectic abilities, Migs718 has consistently released music with each song attracting different demographics. His song, “Groupie Luv” has an aggressive vibe with quick flowing lyrics, a repetitive beat, and a catchy hook allowing Migs718 to portray a different side of his artistry. “Two Door” is completely opposite displaying a smooth beat and a softer delivery. It is rare to listen to an artist who is diversified, dipping into multiple sounds while altering their flow. This talent proves that Migs718 deserves the spotlight and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Please be sure to check out “Yetii” and subscribe to Migs718’s YouTube channel! Follow him on social media and stream his music by clicking on the links below!