Shorty Jah “The Only way is Up”

We are sitting down with Shorty Jah, an artist from the Brownsville section of Brooklyn as we watch him pursue his passion. The name “Shorty” came from him embracing his height as he felt the uniqueness within the nickname. Determined and hungry for success, Shorty Jah has made the effort to use his voice as motivation and share his story. His drive has placed him to perform at legendary venues such as SOB’s , Bowery Electric and BlackTop Boston, amongst other venues. Along with a bright .,future ahead of him, we are looking at a rising star ready to take over the industry by surprise. Shorty Jah the only way is up.

Pyro Da Arsonist: How would you describe yourself as an artist and how would you describe your sound?

Shorty Jah: As an artist I would describe myself as an electrifying exciting rockstar / artist that express his upbringing and creativity to his music. I would describe my sound as a very unique interesting flow because usually I switch my tones in majority of every song. Sometimes I may even switch my tone and flow on one song to keep my audience interested.

Pyro: The indie music scene is saturated with artists so what would you say sets you apart from the rest?

Shorty: The things that set me apart from other artist would be my style, my sound , my energy & my heart. I have 100% gatorade all the time i’m not an artist that just have to portray an imagine, everything they see from Shorty I live and i’m like this all the time.

Pyro: What are some characteristics you think an artists needs to be successful in their careers?

Shorty: In my opinion I feel as if artist should be themselves no matter what and be confident while doing it. Also the main thing I would express as an artist I feel if you don’t put fourth the effort and go 100% for yourself no one else will. So believe in yourself confidently and express that in your music & those successful traits will help you grow upon you.

Pyro: If music doesn’t work out for you do you have a back up plan or anything else you’re passionate about?

Shorty: Definitely, if music didn’t work out for some reason then I would be interested in doing modeling especially for different clothing brands. I love clothes and that’s another way that I express myself so that would definitely be something else I will be interested in.

Pyro: If you had the opportunity to be mentored by someone that can help you progress in your career who would it be and why?

Shorty: This is a great question i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, if i had the chanced to be mentored by someone else other than my father it would definitely be Master P. Master P and myself have a very similar upbringing especially how he entered the industry. Master P also played basketball coming up, and so have I. I also love how Master P came into the industry with his own style and flavor and that’s definitely something I will do.

Pyro: In this age of social media and digital marketing do you feel like an artist needs to be signed to a major record label in order to be successful?

Shorty: In today’s age and with social media being a very highly influential market, I feel as most artist don’t really need a major record label , but having one can definitely still help an artist reach his or her fullest potential.

Pyro: What would you say is the difference between a track & a record?

Shorty: The difference between a track and a record would be a track is just an audio that’s recorded with lyrics on it. A record is a properly mix down audio with interesting lyrics that may keep the audience interested.

Pyro: Finally, do you have any final words you would like to say to our audience?

Shorty: Yes, I would love to say to my audience that I love you guys , most of the people who support my music have been with me since day 1 when I first started. They are really die hard fans and we have grown together and now that we are reaching another stage I feel as if they are growing with me and I just want them to be very excited because we have a lot of great new music , videos and other things we are working on. I know how my fans are and how they feel about me so they will be very excited and happy to be apart of all the new interesting things that I have for them.

Thank you for sitting down with us today. We look forward to seeing your growth as we follow your career and wish you much success in all you do.

Notes 82- “Watch the View” Takes Fans On a Journey

Written by: Julz Mancini

It is seldom that we come across rap artists whose artistry shines differently than most. Many times we hear music that doesn’t have a clear message, leaving us questioning what the purpose of the song is. Today’s music is superficial, lacking true depth, intriguing lyrics, and obvious purpose. It is during difficult times like our society is experiencing, that a lot individuals yearn for music that soothes their anxiety and depression; music that speaks to them on a different level. Notes  82, a New York City native, has composed the perfect formula for someone who seeks true hip hop music. He takes story-telling and lyricism to the highest peaks allowing his listeners to watch the view from a perfect standpoint.

“The game is for the taking so your spot is just a myth. Brooklyn see we did it blue, yankee fitted drip. Welcome, watch the view. Thanks… for tuning in.” A proper introduction is a necessity. If you have never had the pleasure of listening to Notes 82, the intro to “Watch the View” will certainly give you a taste of his style, talent, and preparation for the songs that follow.

Throughout the song, “Shining Star”, Notes 82 explains how his talent supersedes other artists you have grown accustomed to hearing. “You know I am the best. I would never tell you lies. The bars, the hooks, the cadence in my rhymes.”  His confidence is contagious, luring in the listener and maintaining their focus for the duration of the song.

The track, “No Justice No Peace” is the perfect song to set your ears on. With relentless and systemic racism continuing to remain prominent in our society, Notes 82 delivered his lyrics with such passion and intent causing the listener to stand up elevating their fist in the air.

“Power to the people. I need y’all to listen real close to this. They’ll never catch me slipping. Hands in the air, these cops is really on a mission. Cams on the dash. Don’t give a f*ck about your feelings. Stand your ground. You see that sh*t is meant to kill us. Power to the people.”

Notes 82 utilizes his voice to speak on behalf of those who have found themselves victimized directly related to racism. He consistently displays his fearlessness and desire for change. It takes pure talent to have the ability to affect an audience with words. Notes 82 succeeded in doing so with “No Justice No Peace”.

There is nothing like experiencing love. But to experience love in the city that never sleeps hits a bit differently. “City love in the making, that’s just history. City love is the greatest; call it victory.” Notes 82 describes a love like no other in his song, “City Love”.  It is rare to listen to a man describe a woman, a love, in such a way that a female can envision and feel the love as if he is speaking directly to her. The hook is catchy, soulful, and soft…the perfect addition to the track.

As the album floods my speakers, “Perseverance”, touched my heart.

“I was forced to leave the city. Had to find my way. And my kids need a father that will keep them safe. And my queen keeps me solid when my mental breaks. Put together, see forever it’s a Nipsey race. Look they wanna see you win. That’s a big mistake. Look winning’s still a drug some will never taste. Will you break or just fold when the pressure’s on? Lots of evil in this world. Lots of losses too. Time to build your foundation with them solid troops. Go to war with yourself because the problem’s you.”

Notes 82 explains that he has a purpose in this world. He describes his losses that pushed him to thrive and overcome all obstacles that have stood in his way. His resiliency shines through each lyric he recites, touching the hearts of everyone who has ever been through hard times. This song is definitely one you want to stream; a guaranteed favorite.

As my ears continue to be blessed by Notes 82’s music, I came across the song, “Fly High”. This track brought out so much emotion as I listened. Painting a picture of his parents and lastly drawing a masterpiece of his own life while encouraging his audience to spread love and success.

“All alone in the cold world, forced his hand. Just a black man, gifted, needed purpose and he was only 17 on his own my man. See his first time free from all the segregation. Momma told him take a chance; teach the congregation. Didn’t notice at the time God was motivation. He would calmly come to God become a faithful servant.”

Have you ever read a book in which enabled to you to visualize the story as if it were happening right in front of you? The way Notes 82 transformed this song into a story, allowed me to form a motion picture right before my eyes.

Song after song, I listened attentively as Notes 82 delivered his masterpiece. The songs I have presented in this article are just touching the surface. I felt it imperative to leave you wanting to hear more from this amazing artist. “Watch the View” was strategically formatted to take the listener on a journey. Notes 82 is a rare talent that one I know you will become a fan of.

To become better acquainted with Notes 82, click the links below!


A perfect way to observe and analyze the work ethic of an artist these days is to check out their social media. With continuous promotion, content, and engagement with his audience, it is clear that JayR Dion takes his music seriously. It is known throughout the industry, that although talent is imperative, so are image, marketability, work ethic, and a good following. JayR Dion is the entire package. 

As mentioned, JayR never disappoints with consistently sharing new content and music. Behind the scenes footage, new songs, music videos, and graphics keep his fans on their toes, yearning for more. JayR recently released his new project “Seen it Happening”.  For those who have read my content, you know what time it is. As I write this article, I let the artist’s music consume my ears in hopes to present the best description of his project.

JayR begins with “Up to Something”, a perfect way to introduce this work of art. This track helps the listener visualize their goals and intentions for the future. “Momma working, she need a never ending break. That’s why I been working so she can count up all this cake. I’m for certain we gon’ be everything we say we will”. I can guarantee this song will resonate with many of you. The struggle, the grind, sleepless nights…we have all been there.

As I continue to listen to “Seen it Happening”, the song “Insomnia” captured my attention. The beat is soft and catchy perfectly embracing the lyrics. This track paints a vivid picture of the artist’s drive. You can tell a lot about an artist by paying attention to his/her lyrics. He asks questions like, “How you complain when you ain’t working? How you live without a purpose?” JayR creates music that makes a listener think but also has you moving to the beat simultaneously. 

In hopes that I have given the reader a well-rounded description of JayR Dion’s music, I encourage the reader to stream his new project, “Seen it Happening” to experience his talent for yourself.

“Seen iT Happening” Available everywhere!!!!

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Written by JULZ



Why is the world ready for Richard Pigkaso?

V-Henny: Why do you feel the world is ready to see what you have to offer?

Richard Pigkaso: I feel the world is ready to see something out of the box. Something that isn’t anything like the regular rapper that goes on stage, spits some bars, and then leaves the stage with no feeling. The world needs a different side of hiphop and entertainment that can make people be amazed and feel inspired. 
V-Henny: How does your creativity stands out?
Richard Pigkaso: I yo-yo professionally while rhyming. I give a show within a show with LED lights, smoke screens, yo-yo tricks, and crowd engagement that usually leaves people baffled. 
My creativity stands out from my stage presence and rhymes. I have been told from time to time that I have a cadence similar to Eminem which a lot of people respect. I want to be able to leave an impression in your heart and mind. I know if I didn’t, when I study the crowd and get no type of reaction or awe from them. It seems strange that people feel compelled to come to me after I perform and bombard me with question on my yo-yo tricks and LED lights all over my body. I also feel with the way that I rhyme, it brings back that old school feeling of rap from back in the days. 
V-Henny: When did you realize that coinciding your professionalism as a yo-yo artist with Hip Hop can be expressed together? 
Richard Pigkaso: I realized I can combine my love of yo-yoing and hip hop when I was making my first record, which I haven’t released. In 2012, I was in the booth rapping at Arizzma Entertainment and every time the engineer was fixing my verses and mixing, I would yo-yo. It dawn to me that I truly standout in Hip Hop, as I showcase something that the world has never thought of. I said to myself, “hey why not try to fuse 2 thing you both love?” Since then I’ve always made it a priority to be as theatrical to capture the audiences eye. 
V-Henny: Outside of Hip Hop and entertaning, what do you do on your spare time? 
Richard Pigkaso: The way that I rogue can switch from being extremely silly, and then switch to being about positivity and change in our community. Outside of hiphop, I donate my time to a lot of charities, schools and teach children how to do yo-yo tricks.
V-Henny: How do you want the world to perceive you as an artist?  
Richard Pigkaso:  I want to be the worlds first artist that not only has lyricism. I want to be perceive as the first “performing rapper” The world needs “Eminem meets Cirque Du Soleil”

You can find all of Richard Pigkaso across all platforms @RICHIELUVSYOYOS