The Artistry Performance Clip: JayR Dion Ep 128

Catch JayR Dion perform “Been on some Shxt lately “

Watch the full interview as JayR opens up about his latest album “Seen it all”, his writing process, his journey from his roots as a kid fro the Bronx to the Jazzy sound out in Ohio. JayR also performs his song “Been on some shxt lately” off his project.

Gramzunkut- Creating Music Through Adversity

Written by: Julz Mancini  

Facing numerous adversities throughout one’s life can either create a downward spiral effect or a flourishing journey of success. The person who utilizes these adversities in a positive light develops thick skin, a head strong attitude, and an unstoppable work ethic in which catapults their drive to achieve their goals.  

Growing up in the streets of New York City, Gramzunkut was faced with many adversities in which molded him into the successful artist and entrepreneur he is today. It was during the most difficult times that Gramzunkut sought after music to release and share the harsh realities he faced throughout his life. For three decades, this talented artist has persistently strived to lure in listeners with his raw and intransigent lyrics. During the current times we are all facing, the truth behind struggle and sacrifice is what many listeners seek. As the listener peels back the layers of this creative, they will realize the artist’s transparency in his music is an open invitation into his life.  

Through hard work, sacrifice, and consistency Gramzunkut has had the opportunity of being heard on two of New York City’s major Hip Hop radio stations; Power 105.1 and Hot 97.1. Being featured in prominent publications such as “The Source” and “Hip Hop Weekly” assisted Gramzunkut in reaching larger audiences and acquiring additional accolades as well.  

Gramzunkut recently released “Sin” featuring Mikey Polo, a catchy track from beginning to end. “Sin” reveals the struggle the artists have faced in life while currently fighting to avoid drama, haters, and a repeat of the past. The hook is catchy, allowing the listener to sing along with the lyrics while fully embracing the meaning behind the story.  

“N***** is hatin on me. N***** hatin for no reason. I watch how I move so I won’t get caught up in the sh*t I keep hearing.”  

As I moved through Gramzukut’s music catalog, I came across the song, “Lyrical Therapy”. Beginning with a single guitar and a male vocalist, the track immediately introduces a different sound to the listener. “Where do you go to, when all of the world is crashing around you. I think that I know you. The look on your face, I finally found you.” This song paints the perfect picture of Gramzunkut’s trials and tribulations.

“When thugs die there’s blood on the pavement. Moms tearing. Flowers on the casket. What you kill my n**** for? Choked him out. Took his flesh but his words live on. Eric Garner, you the heart of the game. We all gon’ die, we bleed from similar veins.”

“Lackin’” featuring K.O. is another song that lures in the listener. With a combination of raw lyrics, unique delivery, and great production, this song has a catchy swag that will surely have listeners moving to the beat while reiterating the hook. Gramzunkut describes how he makes his moves while making it apparent that he does not mingle with those who do not possess similar traits.  

Gramzunkut has made it very clear that it is possible for an artist to remain relevant in the music industry while still remaining true to one’s foundation. Experimenting with different sounds, delivery methods, and production, Gramzunkut has succeeded in providing his audience with a plethora of options as evidence by his profound catalog. He is a prime example of a consistent music artist. He continuously releases content, allowing his listeners to remain engaged throughout his musical journey. To become better acquainted with Gramzunkut, click on the links below!  






Peter Leo & Kastro Zaytana Release “Tear Ish Up”

Written by: Julz Mancini

As I have made my way through the dense population of rap artists within the music scene, I have recently come across several who stay true to the fundamentals of Boom Bap. To many, boom bap was something of the past. However, it has been made abundantly clear that this style of music is still very much alive. It portrays that there remains a continued desire for relatable messages via authentic lyricism.

“The Will of the Genji” (TWOTG) is a musically inclined group in which consists of five talented creatives whom utilize the foundation of hip-hop to create their projects. From the United States to South Africa, “The Will of the Genji” is a collaborative team that includes Peter Leo (U.S.), Kastro Zaytana (U.S.), Alias (South Africa), L Tip (South Africa), and San the Instru- Monumentalist (Lesotho, South Africa). The group released their self-titled debut album in 2019 with their sophomore album “The Will of the Genji 2” following shortly after. Reaching audiences far and wide, the group has developed a buzz internationally. With their obvious knowledge and appreciation for the fundamentals of hip-hop, “The Will of the Genji” makes certain they showcase their abilities within every track they release. With the ongoing success related to their sophomore album, the group was featured in “Insomniac Magazine”. One of the singles from this project, “The Hands of Time” was placed on “Insomniac Magazine’s” popular “Hip Hop 10 List”, a weekly list revealing the most sought-after songs and artists, during September of 2020.

It is seldom I come across a unified group of artists whom blend and combine their unique sounds to create a well-rounded project filled with captivating production, catchy hooks, word play, punchlines, and soul snatching stories. There is no question “The Will of the Genji” embraces the culture while also presenting an innovative style to their audience. “Tear Ish Up” was recently released displaying the talents of lyricists Peter Leo, Kastro Zaytana, and producer Alias. This track, along with the video, brings the audience back to a time when flashy materials, naked women, and flexing in the club were of little to no significance. The video, while simple, has the viewer focused on the most important aspects of the project; the lyrics and production. Throughout the video, it is apparent the artists share the same love for the Boom Bap heritage in which is so deeply rooted within the group.

“Losing my sight. I often use my four other senses. My intent is moving these bricks out to Memphis. Look, hoes can tag along and ship the cargo piff embargo. There is no if tomorrow. Sip my sorrows. Spin the bottle. Turned into spin the barrel. Now this ain’t Russian roulette. They try to gift the gab you till they misses kiss the shadows.”

While listening and watching, I couldn’t help but to nod my head and repeat the lyrics. Peter Leo and Kastro Zaytana were in sync with one another adding a special dynamic to the song and music video. The visuals matched the song perfectly; raw, gritty, and symbolic. As I watched the two artists in action, I noticed they were the purest forms of themselves throughout the music video further proving that they embody the life and vision of true hip hop artists.

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“Tear Ish Up” Official Music Video
Peter Leo’s Instagram
Kastro Zaytana’s Instagram

Dave Majesty Releases New Album “Born Official”

Written by: Julz Mancini

When we think about today’s music industry it is apparent that it has changed drastically over the years. With the introduction of social media, an artist’s ability to remain independent, and forever evolving sound and presentation of music, many forget about the fundamentals of hip-hop. Although many of today’s artists sound alike, if we listen attentively, we can still pinpoint the utilization of primary techniques initially developed during the boom bap era. There are still rappers, however, whom remain true to the boom bap foundation, instilling strong messages into the minds of their listeners. Many of you reading this may not hear of these artists and I feel it is my duty and honor to bring them into the spotlight, ensuring they do not go unnoticed. Lyricism, word play, extended metaphors, samples…all imperative traits of a true hip-hop artist. Dave Majesty is a hip-hop artist whom puts his heart and soul into his music ensuring that he leaves his listeners in deep thought.

Dave Majesty had a pure love for hip-hop at an early age. Being located in places like New Jersey and New York, Dave was constantly surrounded by the culture. With persistence, consistency, and talent, Dave has made a name for himself as an artist whom remains true to Boom Bap. Working with lyricists such as, Royal Flush, Miilkbone, DooWop, and Jus-One to name a few, Dave Majesty has developed his album “Born Official”.

Dave Majesty introduces his album with the perfect overview which includes different samples and scratching giving the listener a taste of his style. Following the intro, the listener is met with the song, “Friends” featuring artists Miilkbone and Royal Flush. “Friends” discusses the realities of their lives, portraying the importance of remaining cautious of whom they keep close to them. The track also touches on political and socioeconomic issues in which we are all affected by.

“It’s all hypocrisy. Democracy’s a mockery, from government rapes and robberies that keeps us all in poverty.”

Royal Flush and Miilkbone certainly add depth to “Friends” as their seasoned abilities enhance the dynamic of the song.

“I pay a lawyer and judge to beat the institution. You leaving stripping on poles to credit card boosting. You gotta jump shot to sell rocks. Whatever you do, you gotta dodge cops.”

“My best friend’s 11; nothing less than a blessing. The exception, he ain’t have a real life lesson.”

There are a plethora of gems and lessons within this song. The artists’ delivery and story-telling combined with pure lyricism, keeps the listener on their toes as they await the next line. “Friends” is definitely a personal favorite within Dave Majesty’s album, “Born Official”.

As I streamed “Born Official”, I came across the song titled, “Living in Reality” featuring Jus One. This song was captivating from the very beginning, expressing the struggle and actualities of a hard life. With excerpts and samples displayed throughout the track, the listener can hear politicians, media, and celebrities perfectly detailing the realities we are currently facing. Dave Majesty touches the listener’s soul from the first lyrics he spits.

“Dear mom and dad, I’m writing you this letter because I’m stressing. Did you ever really think about your children is the question. I wasn’t there when God became your adversary. Everything about your evil ways became hereditary.”

Starting the song with these lines immediately introduces the listener to the hardships Dave Majesty has been faced with. It is lyrics such as these that, not only lure in the audience, but also allow them to reflect on their own lives further proving that Dave conveys strong messages within his music.

“Goodbye Sis” featuring Ashley Cox relays a heartfelt vibe as the listener can hear a guitar in addition to the soft and beautiful vocals of the songstress. Experiencing the loss of someone close to him, Dave Majesty pours his heart out in this song. Music such as this is a necessity due to its ability to assist the listener in reminiscing and coping with a loss they have experienced also.

                “As long as I am alive and breathing, you’ll always be in my memory.”

During my journey through, “Born Official”, I was happy to come across “The Way I Spit It” featuring Doo Wop. This track is a prime example of both artists’ lyrical ability. From line to line, I was captivated by their presence, delivery, and talent.

“I’m calm, collected. My craft is well respected. I bring the pain with so much energy when it’s injected.”

Dave Majesty’s confidence enlightens and excites the listener as they embrace his lyrics. The title of this track is a flawless explanation of the content. Doo Wop certainly adds a vigorous feel to the song as he shouts out Dave Majesty and himself during the beginning of “The Way I Spit It”; another favorite for sure.

When we reflect on music during the 90’s and early 2000’s, hip-hop and R&B were an immaculate partnership, enhancing the vibe of both genres. Dave Majesty included the voice of Anna Peterson in his song, “Show Me The Way”, inviting the listener into the partnership in which many of us miss dearly. The listener can hear Anna sing, “Lord if you could show me a sign, then I will follow it”. This song reveals a sense of loss and purpose while trudging through the mud yearning to find your way in addition to revealing the fraudulence of those whom surround you.

“Some people artificial when the human mind strictly superficial. Their words be cutting through your skin tissue.”

It is with great excitement and relief, that I share Dave Majesty’s “Born Official” with the reader. The project is filled with crucial components in which typically deems an album a success. Well-known features, skits, samples, and true lyricism all coincide astoundingly to take listeners on an adventure through the mind of Dave Majesty. I am a firm believer that music is medicine; not only to the listeners but to the artist as well. To have the ability to create music is a pure gift. To have the ability to share it without fear of the unknown is pure strength and courage.

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Notes 82- “Watch the View” Takes Fans On a Journey

Written by: Julz Mancini

It is seldom that we come across rap artists whose artistry shines differently than most. Many times we hear music that doesn’t have a clear message, leaving us questioning what the purpose of the song is. Today’s music is superficial, lacking true depth, intriguing lyrics, and obvious purpose. It is during difficult times like our society is experiencing, that a lot individuals yearn for music that soothes their anxiety and depression; music that speaks to them on a different level. Notes  82, a New York City native, has composed the perfect formula for someone who seeks true hip hop music. He takes story-telling and lyricism to the highest peaks allowing his listeners to watch the view from a perfect standpoint.

“The game is for the taking so your spot is just a myth. Brooklyn see we did it blue, yankee fitted drip. Welcome, watch the view. Thanks… for tuning in.” A proper introduction is a necessity. If you have never had the pleasure of listening to Notes 82, the intro to “Watch the View” will certainly give you a taste of his style, talent, and preparation for the songs that follow.

Throughout the song, “Shining Star”, Notes 82 explains how his talent supersedes other artists you have grown accustomed to hearing. “You know I am the best. I would never tell you lies. The bars, the hooks, the cadence in my rhymes.”  His confidence is contagious, luring in the listener and maintaining their focus for the duration of the song.

The track, “No Justice No Peace” is the perfect song to set your ears on. With relentless and systemic racism continuing to remain prominent in our society, Notes 82 delivered his lyrics with such passion and intent causing the listener to stand up elevating their fist in the air.

“Power to the people. I need y’all to listen real close to this. They’ll never catch me slipping. Hands in the air, these cops is really on a mission. Cams on the dash. Don’t give a f*ck about your feelings. Stand your ground. You see that sh*t is meant to kill us. Power to the people.”

Notes 82 utilizes his voice to speak on behalf of those who have found themselves victimized directly related to racism. He consistently displays his fearlessness and desire for change. It takes pure talent to have the ability to affect an audience with words. Notes 82 succeeded in doing so with “No Justice No Peace”.

There is nothing like experiencing love. But to experience love in the city that never sleeps hits a bit differently. “City love in the making, that’s just history. City love is the greatest; call it victory.” Notes 82 describes a love like no other in his song, “City Love”.  It is rare to listen to a man describe a woman, a love, in such a way that a female can envision and feel the love as if he is speaking directly to her. The hook is catchy, soulful, and soft…the perfect addition to the track.

As the album floods my speakers, “Perseverance”, touched my heart.

“I was forced to leave the city. Had to find my way. And my kids need a father that will keep them safe. And my queen keeps me solid when my mental breaks. Put together, see forever it’s a Nipsey race. Look they wanna see you win. That’s a big mistake. Look winning’s still a drug some will never taste. Will you break or just fold when the pressure’s on? Lots of evil in this world. Lots of losses too. Time to build your foundation with them solid troops. Go to war with yourself because the problem’s you.”

Notes 82 explains that he has a purpose in this world. He describes his losses that pushed him to thrive and overcome all obstacles that have stood in his way. His resiliency shines through each lyric he recites, touching the hearts of everyone who has ever been through hard times. This song is definitely one you want to stream; a guaranteed favorite.

As my ears continue to be blessed by Notes 82’s music, I came across the song, “Fly High”. This track brought out so much emotion as I listened. Painting a picture of his parents and lastly drawing a masterpiece of his own life while encouraging his audience to spread love and success.

“All alone in the cold world, forced his hand. Just a black man, gifted, needed purpose and he was only 17 on his own my man. See his first time free from all the segregation. Momma told him take a chance; teach the congregation. Didn’t notice at the time God was motivation. He would calmly come to God become a faithful servant.”

Have you ever read a book in which enabled to you to visualize the story as if it were happening right in front of you? The way Notes 82 transformed this song into a story, allowed me to form a motion picture right before my eyes.

Song after song, I listened attentively as Notes 82 delivered his masterpiece. The songs I have presented in this article are just touching the surface. I felt it imperative to leave you wanting to hear more from this amazing artist. “Watch the View” was strategically formatted to take the listener on a journey. Notes 82 is a rare talent that one I know you will become a fan of.

To become better acquainted with Notes 82, click the links below!

The Artistry Show: Ep128 with V-Henny and Specials DJ Chase and JayR Dion | Music and Business

Sunday | 6PM | Today’s episode V-henny will be sitting down with two special guest. DJ and Producer DJ Chase. Chase speak on his experiences within the industry as a Producer and DJ. He opens up about the music business and more.

V-Henny also speaks with Special guest, recording artist JayR Dion. JayR opens up about his latest album “Seen it all”, his writing process, his journey from his roots as a kid fro the Bronx to the Jazzy sound out in Ohio. JayR also performs his song “Been on some shxt lately” off his project.

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The Artistry Show: Ep. 126 | V-Henny x Special Guests AZIA x Josh Jacobs | Trust The Process

Sunday | 6PM | Today, V-Henny will have a sit down with twu amazing and talent artist.

The first part V-Henny speaks with Recording Artist, Model, and Entrepreneur #AZIA .

V-Henny sit and speak with #Azia on her newest Music Video “Eat it up” in which she released Saturday, August 22 2020.

Eat it up Music Video Link:

Azia also opens up on learning to trust the process and her spiritual journey within her career.

The Second half of the video, V-Henny sit with the amazing talented Hop Hop Artist from Queens, #JoshJacobs. Catech Josh opening up on his newest album ” I Know Now” in which why he decided to release a project so deep during quarantine. Josh also speaks on facing his demons and more. Also You do not want to miss #JoshJacobs Performing his single “In Due Time” . Follow these amazing talented artist and watch more of The Artistry!!!

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2. Prince Julius – Dolce

3. The Truth Ft. BigMoneyHIt and Migs718 – Big Fan

4. Dro FT. K.E.D – Y Hate Me

5. Azia – Eat it up

6. Grizzy Hendrix – Dear Black Women

7. K Goddess – Friends

8. Josh Jacobs (Performance ) – In Due Time

The Artistry Show: Ep 124 | V-Henny x Special Guest DRO | The Rebirth

Sunday | 6PM | Vibe out with V-Henny as she sits with Y.H.M’s own Dro not only is he co-hosting with Vee but he will be speaking on his new journey and EP “Rebirth” .

Dro gives his input on Cardi B latest single WAP V-Henny and Dro also give their opinion on Biden and Trump election. Catch Dro opening up on his journey and growth since his last appearance on The Artistry, 2 years ago. Not only does DRO release and debuts his latest single on our platform but he also performs his new single “Y HATE ME”.

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2. Yung Rex – Low Key ft. Corey Finess

3. JayR Dion – Sleep for what

4. K-Prez – Hold the Rice

5. IVL – Risin To The Top2 Door Coupe Freestyles

6. Shorty Jah – PUSHHH

7. LC – Two Eyes

8. Edwrds – Thicc

9. DRO – Y Hate Me DRO Perfermance