Why is the world ready for Richard Pigkaso?

V-Henny: Why do you feel the world is ready to see what you have to offer?

Richard Pigkaso: I feel the world is ready to see something out of the box. Something that isn’t anything like the regular rapper that goes on stage, spits some bars, and then leaves the stage with no feeling. The world needs a different side of hiphop and entertainment that can make people be amazed and feel inspired. 
V-Henny: How does your creativity stands out?
Richard Pigkaso: I yo-yo professionally while rhyming. I give a show within a show with LED lights, smoke screens, yo-yo tricks, and crowd engagement that usually leaves people baffled. 
My creativity stands out from my stage presence and rhymes. I have been told from time to time that I have a cadence similar to Eminem which a lot of people respect. I want to be able to leave an impression in your heart and mind. I know if I didn’t, when I study the crowd and get no type of reaction or awe from them. It seems strange that people feel compelled to come to me after I perform and bombard me with question on my yo-yo tricks and LED lights all over my body. I also feel with the way that I rhyme, it brings back that old school feeling of rap from back in the days. 
V-Henny: When did you realize that coinciding your professionalism as a yo-yo artist with Hip Hop can be expressed together? 
Richard Pigkaso: I realized I can combine my love of yo-yoing and hip hop when I was making my first record, which I haven’t released. In 2012, I was in the booth rapping at Arizzma Entertainment and every time the engineer was fixing my verses and mixing, I would yo-yo. It dawn to me that I truly standout in Hip Hop, as I showcase something that the world has never thought of. I said to myself, “hey why not try to fuse 2 thing you both love?” Since then I’ve always made it a priority to be as theatrical to capture the audiences eye. 
V-Henny: Outside of Hip Hop and entertaning, what do you do on your spare time? 
Richard Pigkaso: The way that I rogue can switch from being extremely silly, and then switch to being about positivity and change in our community. Outside of hiphop, I donate my time to a lot of charities, schools and teach children how to do yo-yo tricks.
V-Henny: How do you want the world to perceive you as an artist?  
Richard Pigkaso:  I want to be the worlds first artist that not only has lyricism. I want to be perceive as the first “performing rapper” The world needs “Eminem meets Cirque Du Soleil”

You can find all of Richard Pigkaso across all platforms @RICHIELUVSYOYOS

Who are The Joint Cheefs

Originated From the birth place of Hip Hop and staying true to their essence, we introduce to you  a rap group paving the way to their 420 centric cultivation by the name of The Joint Cheefs. GeoTheRican, Sonny Blue Note, and Loudpack Ralph have a desire to make feel good music to get high to. They are a  multi-faceted group of men that wear many hats within the music industry. From running a recording studio called BlueNotesStuBX, Sonny and Geo developed a notable reputation on their craft  professionally as producers and engineers. Originally, Geo had no thoughts of becoming apart of the rap game. He was inspired by one particular artist by the name of Kiing Sky.  Geo admired his determination and  goal driven approach towards succeeding as a music artist. He was motivated to build the confidence to pick up the mic and stay true to himself on every record. Eventually, everything else just fell into place. Geo had a strong desire to make more music and with the help of Sonny and Ralph, The Joint Cheefs was created. Indica or Sativa as their first single off of their Pay Highmage album, a smooth high energy experience, leaving you organically urging to hear more of their creativity. These innovators gained respect within the hip hop culture and stayed true to the canna community. The Joint Cheefs have a strategic marketing skill where they give away goodies bags with 420 centric merchandise leaving their fans satisfied. They have recently performed for  The Art of Muzic, iStandard and are currently working on their next project called Never Canoe. Their goal is continue to  make feel good music, provide quality merchandise, and ultimately having a successful career where they can tour around the globe and spread great music. 


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The Indie Playlist

The Indie Playlist (4-23-17)

ManiTheMogul – Charlie (Break Down)
Kwoat – Toast
B Morgan ft Al Gzz- SNAPCHAT
Jennifair – Sugar
Ju$$- B – InstaFamous
The Silent Celeb – Quote Me
Panda Bwoy – Just Friends
Michelle Singz – Cloud 9
Leon Marin – Glorious
Jayson Johnson – Victory Lap
Stroudie – Luke Cage
Haddy Racks – Throw Sut’n

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Interview: Haddy Racks

V-Henny and Big Bert interview New York’s own Haddy Racks. Haddy talks about dealing with success, being approachable, the indie artist grind, why some artists don’t believe in their own music, his growth and struggles as an artist, standing out as a New York rapper who SOUNDED like a NY artist in a time when everyone new from NY sounded like they were from the South, and many more topics.

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