Who is La Bella?!

LA Bella

The Artistry sits down with latin urban music artist La Bella born Patricia Marrero in Corona Queens to Dominican & Puerto Rican parents. Inspired by her Dad Nelson “El Cacique” Marrero who performed alongside many known Latin artist, La Bella always had the desire to perform in family events, glee club & talent shows since youth. Now she is ready to introduce to the world her recently released single “Bailare” and indulge the world with her fashion, beauty & romance.

Pyro Da Arsonist: You say you were inspired by your dad from youth so what was one of your earliest memories of your father as far as music is concerned?

La Bella: The biggest memory I have of my dad which inspired me to become an artist was when he brought me up on stage to perform with him.

Pyro: At what age did you write your first song and what was it about?

La Bella: My first song was written at the age of 18 and it was about love due to a break-up.

Pyro: When writing songs who or what do you use as inspiration?

La Bella: When writing songs I use my dad as my Inspiration and also what I’ve been through In life.

Pyro: As a latin female artist do you feel your road to success is tougher than your male counterpart and if so why?

La Bella: As a Latin female artist it can be tough. They could try to come on to you or close doors. It is important to keep it professional and continue to grind.

Pyro: How do you handle balancing your time with your music and your family and how important is their support?

La Bella: It’s been a Lil difficult due to the pandemic but I always make it happen. I must say my support system is great. I’ve been blessed with an amazing family.

Pyro: Anyone who follows you on social media sees that you dress to impress, so do you have a stylist or do you style yourself?

La Bella: I don’t have a stylist everything you see on my social media is done by me. Who knows things could change later.

Pyro: You have the talent and the look to make it in this industry so what do you think is the last piece of the puzzle you need to get you to where you wanna be?

La Bella: I believe the only thing I need is that plug.

Pyro: Who are some artists you would like to work with and why?

La Bella: I would like to work with Nicky Jam, Ozuna, and Daddy Yankee. I enjoy their music, they definitely have charisma but over all they are humble.

Pyro: Your single “Bailare” is out now and making noise around the music scene so when can we expect a full project?

La Bella: I’m currently working on more music and  videos. I’m always working and creating new ideas. 

Pyro: Finally what would you tell all the young ladies out there who have a dream but are scared to pursue it?

La Bella: I would tell all the young ladies who want to pursue their dreams to stay focused. Even if they face rejection, keep working and to believe in themselves.

Catch La Bella latest single ” Bailare”

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