Stigity- From Behind The Lense To the Spotlight

Written by: Julz Mancini

It is no secret that we are all products of our environment, to a degree. The people, sounds, predicaments, lifestyles, and even music that we are surrounded by on a daily basis directly affect and mold us into the individuals we eventually become. For some, growing up in hostile and dangerous environments prove problematic as they struggle to thrive and blossom in deteriorating circumstances. Many whom have grown up in these conditions have experienced the revolving door of incarceration. And some have prevented this fate from occurring by never crossing that marginal line. Stigity, a New York native and music artist, is one of those people.

As gun shots, violence, and struggle awaited Stigity on the other side of the door, he managed to wiggle out of the grasp of the streets and into college. During his college years, he became a cameraman in which assisted him in obtaining opportunities to work with some of the rap industry’s heavy hitters such as, A$AP Mob, Vado, Fred Da Godson, and Pro Era. Having the ability to watch such amazing talent through his lens helped Stigity realize that he belonged in the spotlight.

Hard times enhanced Stigity’s capability to write. With his refusal to succumb to depression at an all-time high, Stigity turned to music to release his inner demons which eventually landed him in the studio to record. Trading in his camera for the microphone, Stigity has been working diligently to provide his audience with music that demonstrates his life prior to college and currently. From love, struggle, and everything in between, Stigity is able to create vivid pictures of his life through his lyrics.

As I streamed the songs within Stigity’s catalog, I came across songs that were both appeasing to my ears in addition to being applicable to real life situations many experience.

“These hard times got me stressing. I’m just tryin to find a better way. These hard times was a blessing. So I’m tryin to stay up out the way. These hard times was a lesson.”

Everyone needs a song that brings your current predicament to the forefront, forcing you to face it head on without interruption. A smooth and heartfelt beat, with simple yet strong lyrics maintains the listener’s attentiveness, eventually singing along with the catchy hook.

As I continued to search through Stigity’s music catalog, I came across another catchy track titled, “Keep It Pushin”. With an aggressive delivery and another appealing hook, this song hits the listener hard.

“Put on for my city, I run through these streets and I grind every day. Came from the block with the realest gorillas. We up in these streets and we grind every day. Call the promoter. He got the connect. Cut me the check.”

Stigity recently released a single titled, “Mackin’ Like a Villain” showing his audience that he is coming for the kill, relentless and ready for what’s to come. To get better acquainted with Stigity and his music, click on the links below!

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