Notes 82- “Watch the View” Takes Fans On a Journey

Written by: Julz Mancini

It is seldom that we come across rap artists whose artistry shines differently than most. Many times we hear music that doesn’t have a clear message, leaving us questioning what the purpose of the song is. Today’s music is superficial, lacking true depth, intriguing lyrics, and obvious purpose. It is during difficult times like our society is experiencing, that a lot individuals yearn for music that soothes their anxiety and depression; music that speaks to them on a different level. Notes  82, a New York City native, has composed the perfect formula for someone who seeks true hip hop music. He takes story-telling and lyricism to the highest peaks allowing his listeners to watch the view from a perfect standpoint.

“The game is for the taking so your spot is just a myth. Brooklyn see we did it blue, yankee fitted drip. Welcome, watch the view. Thanks… for tuning in.” A proper introduction is a necessity. If you have never had the pleasure of listening to Notes 82, the intro to “Watch the View” will certainly give you a taste of his style, talent, and preparation for the songs that follow.

Throughout the song, “Shining Star”, Notes 82 explains how his talent supersedes other artists you have grown accustomed to hearing. “You know I am the best. I would never tell you lies. The bars, the hooks, the cadence in my rhymes.”  His confidence is contagious, luring in the listener and maintaining their focus for the duration of the song.

The track, “No Justice No Peace” is the perfect song to set your ears on. With relentless and systemic racism continuing to remain prominent in our society, Notes 82 delivered his lyrics with such passion and intent causing the listener to stand up elevating their fist in the air.

“Power to the people. I need y’all to listen real close to this. They’ll never catch me slipping. Hands in the air, these cops is really on a mission. Cams on the dash. Don’t give a f*ck about your feelings. Stand your ground. You see that sh*t is meant to kill us. Power to the people.”

Notes 82 utilizes his voice to speak on behalf of those who have found themselves victimized directly related to racism. He consistently displays his fearlessness and desire for change. It takes pure talent to have the ability to affect an audience with words. Notes 82 succeeded in doing so with “No Justice No Peace”.

There is nothing like experiencing love. But to experience love in the city that never sleeps hits a bit differently. “City love in the making, that’s just history. City love is the greatest; call it victory.” Notes 82 describes a love like no other in his song, “City Love”.  It is rare to listen to a man describe a woman, a love, in such a way that a female can envision and feel the love as if he is speaking directly to her. The hook is catchy, soulful, and soft…the perfect addition to the track.

As the album floods my speakers, “Perseverance”, touched my heart.

“I was forced to leave the city. Had to find my way. And my kids need a father that will keep them safe. And my queen keeps me solid when my mental breaks. Put together, see forever it’s a Nipsey race. Look they wanna see you win. That’s a big mistake. Look winning’s still a drug some will never taste. Will you break or just fold when the pressure’s on? Lots of evil in this world. Lots of losses too. Time to build your foundation with them solid troops. Go to war with yourself because the problem’s you.”

Notes 82 explains that he has a purpose in this world. He describes his losses that pushed him to thrive and overcome all obstacles that have stood in his way. His resiliency shines through each lyric he recites, touching the hearts of everyone who has ever been through hard times. This song is definitely one you want to stream; a guaranteed favorite.

As my ears continue to be blessed by Notes 82’s music, I came across the song, “Fly High”. This track brought out so much emotion as I listened. Painting a picture of his parents and lastly drawing a masterpiece of his own life while encouraging his audience to spread love and success.

“All alone in the cold world, forced his hand. Just a black man, gifted, needed purpose and he was only 17 on his own my man. See his first time free from all the segregation. Momma told him take a chance; teach the congregation. Didn’t notice at the time God was motivation. He would calmly come to God become a faithful servant.”

Have you ever read a book in which enabled to you to visualize the story as if it were happening right in front of you? The way Notes 82 transformed this song into a story, allowed me to form a motion picture right before my eyes.

Song after song, I listened attentively as Notes 82 delivered his masterpiece. The songs I have presented in this article are just touching the surface. I felt it imperative to leave you wanting to hear more from this amazing artist. “Watch the View” was strategically formatted to take the listener on a journey. Notes 82 is a rare talent that one I know you will become a fan of.

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