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SOFTA stands for Sounds From The Attic and that’s exactly where OnetakeCarter & Whatisiv started making music in the studio they built together. Sounds From The Attic is a multi-talented rap group, bridges old school hip hop and new wave sound. Their juxtaposition in tone and cadence is attention grabbing and genre-bending with international potential and consumability. They are incredible MCs’ with multi-layered lyrics and the ability to deliver them with a Busta Rhymes concise speed or Drake style sauve. 

Learn more on the duo below.

V-HENNY: What and who inspired you both to pursue music?  

SOFTA: “While we pull inspiration from a lot of similar places, we definitely have our own motivations for pursuing music.”

IV: “My passion for music started from a young age. Growing up, I got to see my dad have a career in the industry as a singer so the idea of music and pursuing it seriously seemed natural.”OnetakeCarter: “I found inspiration through hip hop legends. Big L’s music sparked my interest in rhyming/poetry. In 2011 I had a life changing moment of meeting Kendrick Lamar & A$AP Rocky at the Irving Plaza and ever since then I’ve pursued a career in hip hop.

V-HENNY: What were some of the steps you had to take within your career?

SOFTA: “Some of the steps we’ve taken in our careers so far also act as the best advice we could give artists. We learn every skill that we can and we rarely ever say no to opportunities. Both of us have learned how to record ourselves, make beats, film videos and edit them. We really believe that the more we can do independently the further we can take this on our own timeline. We don’t have to outsource a lot so we can turn our ideas around quickly.” 

OnetakeCarter: “I’ve been building my brand for years and through that I’ve learned photography, marketing, and even the art of audio engineering to help other artists record.” IV: “I learned how to build a studio and put one in my attic and that’s now where our sounds come from hence the name Sounds From The Attic. Without that studio there may be no SOFTA” 

V-HENNY: Looking back then to where you’re at now, give me a moment that made an impact within your career?

SOFTA: “Since we are just starting off we do hope to have many more impactful moments but the biggest we’ve experienced so far is watching KennyBeats stream our song “Tulips & Roses” and not only loving it but also receiving a text midstream from Scott Vener that he shazamed our track. It was an encouraging moment to see our talent be enjoyed by such notable industry heads.”

IV: “Our performance at Fight Klub Studios was a huge moment for me. It was one of our first ones so we were still gauging if we could attract a fan base. That night the crowd went wild and started singing our chorus’s even though it was the first time they heard our music. It just felt like wow, alright we’re here and really meant to do this. OnetakeCarter:“My time on Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow was also super impactful on my mindset. I realized that this industry is a game and you have to play to win and I try to bring that knowledge to SO.FTA”

V-HENNY: In order to succeed in life you have to know how to give credit and give back. Who would you give credit to for your success thus far?

SOFTA: “In the short amount of time we’ve been on the scene together as SO.FTA we’ve received a lot of love. Mike Loco from MLM entertainment loved our sound and invited us to certain events that allowed us to connect with producers like Dilemma & Big Yount from the C.R.E.W. and Mitch Mula. All 3 of them showed love even though we didn’t have the biggest following yet and we got to make some great music with them. Recently, B Howard  invited us out to Arizona to work and introduced us to some heavy hitters in the industry. V-Henny herself! We’ve performed at her shows before and now we have this interview. We appreciate anyone that shows us support and tells others about us.”

IV: “I truly couldn’t be here without my family’s support, especially my mom’s, dad’s and aunt’s. Carter has also played a huge role. He was the first person I ever recorded with and he taught me a bunch about music and even encouraged me to build myself that studio. I also give myself credit which is important to keep me going. I was a really quiet, introverted kid and now I make music and share my thoughts with everyone.” OnetakeCarter: “I have to give credit to some of my mentors BMC Beats, Anthony Petrucci, Jason Melker, my manager Kristina Mazzola, and my family.”

V-HENNY: Has it been a smooth road for you both as artists? Elaborate on a struggle you are most proud of overcoming.

SOFTA: “No this has not been an easy journey so far but this industry rarely ever is. We have repeatedly gone to showcases or competitions that end up being rigged. We’ve seen the same repetitive sound being sought after and feel like there is no room in NY for “different” right now. We are a little left of center so we have to pave our own path which can be tough. We are proud of our resilience though and commitment to our unique sound and brand even though we’ve been robbed or overlooked several times.”

OnetakeCarter: “I’m also really proud that I’ve learned to overcome self-doubt and take certain L’s with grace and turn them into motivators. You learn that you have to believe in yourself no matter what.”IV: “I love that we’ve turned our stress of being independent and fully funding this ourselves into a reason why we should learn to wear several different hats. We both do as much as we can on our own which can get hectic but it at least reduces costs here and there.”

V-HENNY:  If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

SOFTA: “That’s a loaded question but simply put we’d flip the industry upside down. Right now follower counts or going viral means everything but we’d love to see real underground talent prosper instead of clout and image. We want to see a variety of music and not just the same sound mainstream outlets are pushing.”

V-HENNY:  Please share with us the content behind your music? 

SOFTA: “The content of our music varies song to song but anytime we create we stay true to ourselves and have fun with it which is usually the formula for great records. We create from real life experiences so some of our tracks make our listeners vibe out and escape any hardships they’re facing while other tracks make listeners feel understood or not alone. We touch on topics like believing in yourself, falling in love, partying, financial struggles, mental struggles, even moral reflections like are you doing the right thing?, or Are you on the right path?. We have a song for everyone and anything.”

V-HENNY: What is one message you would give to your fans? 

SOFTA: “Piggy backing off what we said before, learn about your craft in every way you can and seize all opportunities.”

IV: “Experiment in life. You never want to look back and think “What If?”. Try everything you can and want, especially in your 20’s. Leave no leaf unturned so you have no regrets.” OnetakeCarter: “Treat your ideas like emergencies.”

V-HENNY: I know you both were individual artists, however you both recently decide to join forces and become a duo. Explain that process and how did you both decide to come together. 

SOFTA: “We came together really serendipitously. “

OnetakeCarter: “IV mentioned earlier that I was the first person he recorded with and that’s how we met a few years ago. We started working on music together for a year and then I moved to ATL for 7 months. ”IV: “And before he left he told me I should build my own studio so I can record on my own. So I did just that and built a studio in my garage attic.”OnetakeCarter: “I came back from ATL and IV had this dope set up in his attic.”SOFTA: “We started to link all the time and regularly record and felt that independently we are dope but together it’s a whole other level and sound. The rest is history. Now we Sounds From The Attic.”

V-HENNY: Is there anything else you would like the world to know about you?

SOFTA: “We are writing our own story right now and the best parts are yet to happen.”

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