Meet Letters From Mom

Letters from Mom

Letters From Mom (LFM) is a multi-genre music duo from Maryland. Members Roam (Stay Ugly) and Lalo are very passionate about their music.

 Letters From Mom brings a sound blend that should be easy to fall in love with. It’s a universal sound. Hence the name, the group said that their music can be viewed as encourage words from your mom.

LFM embraces #stayingugly because they believe being comfortable with your flaws is a beautiful thing. The message throughout their music is peace, positivity, and good vibes. This paired with Pop/Hip-Hop/ R&B duo makes for a diverse sound. From chill Rap songs like “Vibes” to dance-worthy pop songs like L.S.D.  

Hip-hop songs like “Moshpit” shows these guys can do it all.  LFM’s high energy performance matches the energy of their music.

The duo is currently performing just in time of festival season. Look to their socials for more. Their high energy lends itself to cutting-edge performances and visuals comparable to Cirque du Soleil and Missy Elliot.

“Vibes” and “Moshpit” are available on all streaming platforms. The duo is set to release an EP later this year. It’s said to give a rollercoaster of vibes, feels, and emotions. 

The project is rated “E” for everyone. A recent drop of the single “Cupid Creations” said to drop May 2022 promises all the lovey, groovy R&B sound. 

Roam and Lalo will continue to rise until they are done. They feel that if they stick together, there is no limit. 

They deliver innovation in all that they do and want to continuously give people something they can grow with and discover.

To stay connected with Letters from Mom, you can follow them on Instagram . Here they tease their lively performances.

 Their music is available on all streaming platforms. And remember to “stay ugly.”

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