Featured Artist: Jayson Johnson

Jayson Johnson wearing sunglasses and all black against a white-grey background with one hand on his chinStage name Jayson Johnson, this upstart considers himself a “motivational” or “innovative” hip hop artist. In a time where trend following has become the yellow brick road it is a breath of fresh air to see someone want to create their own niche.  Two years removed from his inception into the performance realm, the Smallword Records signee who hails from the Bronx is showing promise in his work ethic and looks to 2017 as a break out year for his brand.  Intending to release his debut project Q5 Till Infinity, Jayson Johnson promises not to take his foot off of the gas hinting as plans to drop a follow up pretty soon thereafter.  A champion for fellowship amongst artists, Jayson prides himself on his networking prowess. Inspired by Guru of Gangstarr (RIP) Jayson is looking to be legendary as he hopes to go from the choir to the main stage.

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