Interview: Torae

V-Henny & Big Bert sit down to interview Torae. He talks about the man hats he wears — from Hip Hop Artist & Film Actor to Educator & Satellite Radio Host. V, Bert, and Torae delve into a variety of topics, including: Torae’s journey to becoming a vegan, taking his health more seriously after his close friend Hip Hop legend Sean Price passed, his time as an NYC Educator, how he got started with his rap career, becoming a SiriusXM radio personality, interviewing R. Kelly, fake online Hip Hop ‘gotcha’ journalism, his conversations with Migos about Hip Hop & Culture, common misconceptions about breaking a song/record VS what it’s actually like on the inside dealing with the realities of working in radio, how Funkmaster Flex is in a unique position as a DJ because of the decades of clout he’s built up, going hard when first working with DJ Premier, how surreal it is being friends with his favorite rappers like Pharoahe Monch, visiting different hoods while on tour to deepen his understanding & appreciation of Hip Hop History/Culture, how he gets ready for performing at shows (the answer may surprise you), breaking into film/television acting, some nuanced insight into how great actors focus on reacting to their costars with genuine emotions that happens to coincide with their dialogue rather than just trying to ‘look right’ delivering a line, why he’ll support his kids’ dreams no matter what they are, his thoughts on so-called “Mumble Rap”, his favorite music growing up, what he learned from reading Russell Simons’ book The Happy Vegan, the importance of challenging yourself, what’s next for Torae, and some of his various philosophies on life & living in excellence. By far one of the greatest interviews any of us here at The Artistry have ever participated in! To get to know Torae is to become a fan of him as a dope yet humble and insightful human being. Shot and Produced at The 4DFoundation by Ford4D.

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