Featured Artist: Debanaire 1

Shakeem Howard A.K.A “Debanaire 1 “is a multi-faceted music industry contributor. As both a recording artist and production engineer Debanaire has learned the importance of quality when it comes to sonic output. A recording artist for the past 8 years, the Fort Greene, Brooklyn native is currently working on his sophomore project titled Memoirs of A Troubled Gentleman. The follow up to Its My Turn, this latest project is said to be the perfect addition to his catalog as Debanaire is well regarded for his lyricism and embodiment of real Hip Hop.

“My goal is to change lives through the power of music.”

Aside from music, Debanaire is active in his community organizing sporting events and other activities aimed at empowering youth and promoting unity.

“I started rapping using action figures around the time I first heard Biggie spit. From then on I grew to respect Jay Z, Nas, and The Lox. After that I was hooked.”

Putting his craft first, Debanaire spends his time in the studio sacrificing vices and building towards a successful career one dope song at a time.

Instagram : Debanaire 1
Snapchat : Debanaire 1
FB : Sha Debanaire Howard
Twitter: DebanaireDa1
Youtube : Debanaire 1

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