The Artistry Show: Ep182 | V-Henny x Black Rose | Take the shot

Catch #Vhenny speaking with #BlackRose a content creator, actress, comedian and artist. We spoke on entrepreneurship, spirituality, being a social media influencer and more.

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The Artistry Show: Ep 181 Myq Success x V-Henny | Business is Personal

Catch V-henny speaking with #Myqsuccess , a manager to many successful influencers, business owner, content creator, mentor and more. We spoke on entrepreneurship, being an empath within his career and personal development.

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Meet Bella B

Bronx made her, East Harlem raised her. The femcee been in love with hip-hop her whole life. She started from writing poetry as a kid and transitioned her skills into rapping. Bringing authenticity, versatility and BARZ, Bella B is proving not only to herself but to everyone that she can and she will make her mark in this game.

Catch her interview with V-Henny as we learn more on the artist and what to expect.

V-Henny: Who inspired you to make music?

Bella B: I definitely was inspired by more than 1 artists. Fabolous, Remy Ma, and Jadakiss are 3 that were very influential also had a lot of interest in Lauren Hill. She sits on a shelf all by herself with her versatility as a artist.

V-Henny: Please share with us the content behind your up and coming EP? 

Bella B: The content on my up and coming EP, named Juice which is also another name I am known by. I am basically giving my audience a series of songs with various styles and flavors. I am showing my supporters that not only do I have bars but I am versatile, and can give a little something for everyone. 

V-Henny: How long have you had this creative vision and what pushes you to
be consistent ?
Bella B: I’ve been having this vision of me pursing my music for many years what pushes me to do it is the love and passion I have for it.

V-Henny: Have you ever felt discouraged by the industry and if so how did
you overcome the thought/feeling?
Bella B: At times, I’ve felt like this industry can be more based on a look or popularity as opposed to it being about the music or talent. Yes, it can make you feel a bit discouraged and disappointed as well.

V-Henny: Do you feel like you have overcome any boundaries you have set for
yourself? What were they and how did you conquer them?
Bella B: I feel like I’ve overcame certain boundaries. One of them would be that I learn to understand that there is no limits to my potential as long as I stay focused and put the work in.

V-Henny: Looking back then to where you’re at now, give me a moment that
made an impact within your music career.
Bella B: I think a moment that made a big impact within my music career was me dropping my first music video earlier this year, Whoopy freestyle. It definitely was a big deal for me, the recognition and support that I received was amazing. 

V-Henny: What is the best advice you’ve been given?
Bella B: The best advice I’ve been given is never to limit myself in any aspects.

V-Henny: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Bella B: If I could change anything in the industry it would be to make rap more about rap than fashion and politics. I feel like its real mixed up now a days .

V-Henny: As a single mom pursuing music as a career. How do you manage to balance out your career and your personal life?
Bella B: As a single mother pursing my music career making time for my craft and still having mom duties has become much easier due to my son being older at this time. I waited years to pursue my music fully as I am doing now because I feel like when u are in this industry you must give so much of yourself time and energy wise, I felt it was the right decision to wait till he was older so I may give my attention and energy to my music without being neglectful to the time and energy to meet his needs as a child and I also didn’t have any support or help with him me being a single teen mom at the time. Now he’s older and I’m able to maneuver easily. 

V-Henny: What’s one thing you would want your fans to know about you?

Bella B: One thing that I would like my fans to know is that Bella B is here to stay. To look out for more fire to come. I’m just getting warmed up and I’m definitely coming for my spot !HaaanN !!!

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The Artistry Show: Ep.180 | V-Henny x Mando El Pelado | Celebrating wins

Catch V-henny speaking with Brooklyn’s own Latin Recording Artist Mando El Pelado, catch their conversation as we learn on who is #MandoElPelado as a person. From living in Ecuador moving back to the states, pursuing music and much more.

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Meet Pyro Da Arsonist

Pyro Da Arsonist

Pyro (Efrain Velazquez III) born in the Chelsea area of New York City, of Puerto Rican descent had the pleasure of discovering the roots hip hop at an early age. Instantly, falling in love was an understatement, what became a hobby transformed into a career. As time progressed, Pyro pushed himself to constantly step out the box leaving room for growth. Wearing many hats, from Hip Hop artist to radio personality has led him to have many opportunities including having his own Radio show ” The Vibe Lounge” on DTF Radio. Pyro is determined, focused and excited towards the future as he continue to climb the ladder to get to the top.

The Artistry had the privilege of sitting down with Pyro Da Arsonist, interview him as we learned more of his journey.

V-Henny:  What and who inspired you to pursue the music industry?

Pyro Da Arsonist: Music has always been a big part of my life since young. My mom used to go out dancing a lot with her friends so while she was getting ready I would hear a lot of DooWop and Disco music and whenever I was with my father I would hear a lot of Rock, Freestyle and R&B Funk music. By the time I was 11 years old I started listening to a lot of hip hop like Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, EPMD & Eric B. & Rakim just to name a few. Music just hooked me from the beginning.

V-Henny: What were some of the steps you had to take to get to within your career?

Pyro Da Arsonist: Honestly one of the biggest steps which I’m still taking til this day is learning to be more confident, less timid & to stop doubting myself. 

V-Henny: Knowing that you started off as an Hip Hop artist to then transition into a radio personality, was that an easy transition to make? 

Pyro Da Arsonist: Yes and no. Yes because I love music so I’m always looking forward to hearing someone new or someone different and I think I have a pretty good ear for music. No because I had no idea how to conduct an interview as far as what questions to ask and how in depth to go with those questions.

V-Henny: Looking back then to where you’re at now, give me a moment that made an impact within your career. 

Pyro Da Arsonist: I would have to say performing at SOB’s. That crowd was amazing and they showed me so much love and they were really into my music. I definitely left that stage with a little bit more confidence.

V-Henny:  In order to succeed in life you have to know how to give credit and give back . Who would you give credit to for your success thus far?

Pyro Da Arsonist: First would be my family, especially my wife and daughter who push me to believe in myself and what I’m capable of. As far as music that goes to A.D. The General (R.I.P) & Ms. Fefe, they were the first ones to play my music on radio and got the ball rolling. Radio wise I would give that to The Choice of NYC and Jeshaze. They are the ones who let me join their show Lyrically Live with absolutely no radio experience. I sat back and watched and learned from them. Lastly when it comes to writing blogs that goes to you Vee. Your confidence and trust in me pushes me to be a better writer. I appreciate and love you guys!

V-Henny: Has it been a smooth road for you as an influencer? Elaborate on a struggle you are most proud of overcoming.

Pyro Da Arsonist: It’s funny because I don’t feel like I’m an influencer, I’m just a lover of talent and I love helping people show that talent to the world any way I can. As far as a struggle I’m proud of overcoming is not caring what people think or say about me. I’ve learned to just ignore it.

V-Henny: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Pyro Da Arsonist: I would love to see the industry more supportive of each other. There is enough opportunities for everyone to win. Let’s build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

V-Henny:  Please share with us the content behind your new show “The Vibe Lounge”

Pyro Da Arsonist: It’s about a vibe!!! I want every guest that walks through that door to leave with a great and memorable experience. It’s not just about Hip Hop and R&B either, you will hear all kinds of genre of music and will see many different talents on the show. Artists, Authors, Clothing Designers, Actors, Activists or any other entrepreneurs are welcome to come on the show. 

V-Henny: What is one message you would give to your fans? 

Pyro Da Arsonist: I would say thank you for the love and support. It pushes me to go harder and not give up. I truly appreciate and love you all. 

V-Henny: Is there anything else you would like the world to know about you?

Pyro Da Arsonist: I’m always willing to help in any way possible if I can. So don’t be afraid to reach out. 

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The Artistry Show: Ep178 | V-Henny x Dyce Payso | Work Hard

Catch V-henny sitting with The Bronx own, hip hop artist Dyce Payso. We discuss his recent project “Rich off Pain” , overcoming struggles, being consistent within his artistry and more. If you would love to donate The Artistry Entertainment and help is company grow, please send

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The Artistry Show: EP.177 | V-Henny x Tati Dior | YA DiGG!

Catch V-henny sitting with recording artist , all the way from Houston, TX Tat Dior. Tati spoke on her development from personal skills and learning to adapt to whatever was thrown on her path. She also spoke on being under the artist development expertise of Mathew Knowles and more.

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The Artistry Show: Ep176 | V-Henny x Juanito Jones | Growth

Catch Juanito speaking to V-Henny about his latest EP “2020” Discussing his process and what’s next to come

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The Artistry Show: Ep 175 | V-Henny x El Primero Eski | Tony Doffy

Staten Island Native, recording artist Eski speaking on how he got started in the music industry, lessons he learned and his move to Atlanta.

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Sunday | 6PM | V-Henny speaks with Brooklyn Natives/ Philly residents recording artists Gweezy and King Noah. Catch their story within their artistry plus more. Cashapp: $TheArtistryEnt

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