The Art of Muzic featured Artist: Shaqmaan

V-Henny speaks with Shaqmaan as he explains to her his purpose to his music, how he overcame the negativity from the pandemic and applied his energy into his music, turning it into a positive effect. Watch more of Shaqman on T.A.O.M.

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The Art of Muzic featured Artist: Stigity

V-Henny speaks with Stigity on his newest music video “Black Summer” ,speaking on his passion and transition of becoming an artist and what’s next to come for him.

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The Art of Muzic featured Artist: R-Naby

V-Henny speaks with R-Naby on his newest single “Don’t Care” , congratulating him on his new restaurant, how did he manage during the pandemic and what’s next to come for him.

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The Art of Muzic featured Artist: L Charlemagne

V-Henny speaks with L Charlemagne discussing his work from his latest video “Two eyes” to what he’s been doing during the pandemic.

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Who are The Joint Cheefs

Originated From the birth place of Hip Hop and staying true to their essence, we introduce to you  a rap group paving the way to their 420 centric cultivation by the name of The Joint Cheefs. GeoTheRican, Sonny Blue Note, and Loudpack Ralph have a desire to make feel good music to get high to. They are a  multi-faceted group of men that wear many hats within the music industry. From running a recording studio called BlueNotesStuBX, Sonny and Geo developed a notable reputation on their craft  professionally as producers and engineers. Originally, Geo had no thoughts of becoming apart of the rap game. He was inspired by one particular artist by the name of Kiing Sky.  Geo admired his determination and  goal driven approach towards succeeding as a music artist. He was motivated to build the confidence to pick up the mic and stay true to himself on every record. Eventually, everything else just fell into place. Geo had a strong desire to make more music and with the help of Sonny and Ralph, The Joint Cheefs was created. Indica or Sativa as their first single off of their Pay Highmage album, a smooth high energy experience, leaving you organically urging to hear more of their creativity. These innovators gained respect within the hip hop culture and stayed true to the canna community. The Joint Cheefs have a strategic marketing skill where they give away goodies bags with 420 centric merchandise leaving their fans satisfied. They have recently performed for  The Art of Muzic, iStandard and are currently working on their next project called Never Canoe. Their goal is continue to  make feel good music, provide quality merchandise, and ultimately having a successful career where they can tour around the globe and spread great music. 


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Featured Artist: Debanaire 1

Shakeem Howard A.K.A “Debanaire 1 “is a multi-faceted music industry contributor. As both a recording artist and production engineer Debanaire has learned the importance of quality when it comes to sonic output. A recording artist for the past 8 years, the Fort Greene, Brooklyn native is currently working on his sophomore project titled Memoirs of A Troubled Gentleman. The follow up to Its My Turn, this latest project is said to be the perfect addition to his catalog as Debanaire is well regarded for his lyricism and embodiment of real Hip Hop.

“My goal is to change lives through the power of music.”

Aside from music, Debanaire is active in his community organizing sporting events and other activities aimed at empowering youth and promoting unity.

“I started rapping using action figures around the time I first heard Biggie spit. From then on I grew to respect Jay Z, Nas, and The Lox. After that I was hooked.”

Putting his craft first, Debanaire spends his time in the studio sacrificing vices and building towards a successful career one dope song at a time.

Instagram : Debanaire 1
Snapchat : Debanaire 1
FB : Sha Debanaire Howard
Twitter: DebanaireDa1
Youtube : Debanaire 1

Featured Artist: Joe Smizzy

Joe Smizzy wearing a hat and a white t-shirt

A rapper hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop (Bronx, NY) Joe Smizzy is what you would call a jack of all trades. A mechanic by day and ambitious contributor the culture by night Joe has been recording for the past 10 years and has begun to make the transition to being a solo act.  Currently working on his B.R.O.K.E (Being Rich Off Killing Egos) mixtape Joe graced the stage at recent The Art of Muzic events.   Collaborations with Hot Waterz, Geo The Rican and Mahogany in tow he is looking to build his network and heighten awareness of his brand.  An eclectic ear, Joe has incorporated his love for classical music into the crafting of his own sound.

“I am a Pisces, I genuinely love music. I find myself listening to a lot of Mozart and Beethoven as well as a little bit of Bach here and there.” 

His goal is to continue to paint pictures with his words, so watch Joe Smizzy work.

Follow his via social media: @JoeSmizzy

Featured Artist: Jayson Johnson

Jayson Johnson wearing sunglasses and all black against a white-grey background with one hand on his chinStage name Jayson Johnson, this upstart considers himself a “motivational” or “innovative” hip hop artist. In a time where trend following has become the yellow brick road it is a breath of fresh air to see someone want to create their own niche.  Two years removed from his inception into the performance realm, the Smallword Records signee who hails from the Bronx is showing promise in his work ethic and looks to 2017 as a break out year for his brand.  Intending to release his debut project Q5 Till Infinity, Jayson Johnson promises not to take his foot off of the gas hinting as plans to drop a follow up pretty soon thereafter.  A champion for fellowship amongst artists, Jayson prides himself on his networking prowess. Inspired by Guru of Gangstarr (RIP) Jayson is looking to be legendary as he hopes to go from the choir to the main stage.

Follow  @IamJaysonJohnson for more information

Featured Artist: Outa Karactr (G The MC)

Outa Karactr performing ith a mic in his hand

Government name Gilbert Serrano but known professionally as Outa Karactr this New York bred rising MC is a well-rounded entertainer. As a video editor, songwriter and performing artist Outa Karactr has been pushing towards his goals for a little over half a decade to date.  Groomed by upbringing which saw him reside in Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Queens Outa Karactr has mixed those elements into a well formulated brand of artistry which has him primed for more success.   Currently curating his Close To the Concrete debut project, Outa Karactr is journeying into the solo realm having been a major contributor to the collective known as The Council appearing on What The Games Been Missing Parts 1 and 2.   The Predator, and The 5th Element.  Recently featured by The Artistry as well as Niteline Radio brands, one of his goals going forward is to attract more media as well as fan support.

Each moment that I am able to express myself musically I learn more about myself and am motivated to continue to grow.

The son of a wedding singer (his father), Outa Karactr has been genetically pre-disposed to creativity and is utilizing his brand as a vessel to create the change and focus on talent that he wants to see in today’s music business.

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OuTaKaRaCtr GTheMC