Cameron Jay- “Bank Rolls”

It’s time to open the vault and bring Cameron Jay’s new single “Bank Rolls” to the forefront. Delivering an up-tempo track with a catchy hook and witty punch lines is right up his alley. Expecting nothing less from this amazing artist, I wasted no time streaming “Bank Rolls”. Whether the listener is sacrificing everything and stacking their money or splurging on shopping sprees and a luxurious lifestyle, there is no doubt that they will be able to relate to this song. Cameron Jay carefully executed the creation of this song, ensuring that he portrayed the flashy side of himself while also reminding the listener of where he comes from.

It is during hard times that we are all currently witnessing, that many of us turn to music in hopes of feeling uplifted. Many listen to slow jams, something that keeps them in the moment. On the other hand, there are some who listen to upbeat songs that encourage them, keep them determined, and focused.

Think of the song that seeps through your headphones while you are at the gym; the one track that pushes you to finish the last rep. Envision hearing that one song when you’re feeling discouraged that completely transitions your mood from melancholy to inspired and enthusiastic. If you’ve ever heard the songs “Bring Em Out” by T.I. or “I Get Money” by 50 cent, do you remember the vibe you felt while listening? When listening to “Bank Roll” by Cameron Jay, I sense a similar vibe.

“In first place, ain’t really heard of second. Life’s so sweet. The money stacked neat. I can knock you out or put you on your feet”. Through Cameron Jay’s lyrics it is obvious that he is a confident, go-getter who will stop at nothing to remain at the top. His delivery throughout “Bank Rolls” will no doubt put the listener into a similar mindset.

Be sure to stream “Bank Rolls” by Cameron Jay, available everywhere! Check it out below!

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