The Artistry is broadcasted live every Sunday from 1pm until 4pm from the studios of The 4DFoundation in New York City. The 4DFoundation was established by Ford4D in 2009 to advance ambitious works of Art. It is known for releasing music by such artists as V-Henny, Tone TankSquala Orphan, Soulebrity, SCRiBE The Verbalist, Scott ThoroughMark Pheonix, Manny Sachem, Lucid00, Cornelia $t. Lemz, Buddha718, And-Y, & Americk Lewis They Call Me EasyMac — just to name a few.

Ford4D is a record producer and filmmaker from New York City. In his spare time he enjoys reading restaurant menus and taking care of his pet betta fish. He shoots, directs, and produces all audio-video content for The Artistry (Volume 2) under the executive supervision of his good friend V-Henny (who is a very nice person, you should get to know her).

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