What Is Digiindie?

Digiindie.com is a “best of” blog dedicated to independent creatives of all kinds. Digiindie is the definitive blog to catch up on the latest trending music and videos online, explore new artists or submit your own creations to market yourself to the masses. We use our blog to focus our attention on the talent itself, minimizing or eliminating space for clutter, ad’s and other distractions and instead presenting large and vivid image blocks for each post. We also offer a number of creative services to help artists with anything from graphic designs to mastering services. Digiindie’s goal is to make it easier to be an independent creative!

Digiindie's Twitter Banner for 2015, featuring their logo and the following copy text: Music, Videos, Albums, Editorials, [linebreak] [their logo] [another linebreak], Promotional & Creative Services.